The Book of the Heavens

Liber de Caelo, Heaven’s most prized possession, is missing. One of the five lost books of the ancients, it contains within its pages all the power and magic of Heaven and whoever possesses it will have absolute authority over Paradise.

Heaven is in Chaos; God has disappeared and Lucifer has fallen. Heaven itself is like a tinder box, one wrong move and there will be civil war, a war which will spill over onto earth causing the deaths of countless humans.

The Sentinels stand against the Angels, each trying to gain mastery over each other and in God’s absence, domination over Heaven. The Demons circle beneath them awaiting any opportunity to overthrow both races and gain entry to heaven, leaving the humans trapped in between.

Scarlett is an Angel shunned by both races. The daughter of a traitor she has lived quietly among her kind, keeping to herself avoiding any kind of attention but when she is accused of murdering another Angel and stealing the Liber de Caelo she knows she’s been set up. With no allies and no way to prove her innocence, she has no choice but to run.

Escaping to earth she hides amongst the humans and with the help of Sam, a man who is able to mysteriously transport himself from one place to another, Scarlett finds herself in a small town called Mercy. With the help of a powerful witch and her friends, Scarlett must find the book and clear her name, but with the Angels, the Sentinels and the Demons hunting her she is running out of time.

The continuation of the Guardians series spans five books. Scarlett and Sam must find the Book of the Heavens first or there will be war and if the Demons get their hands on the book they will be able to gain entrance to Heaven and Paradise will be lost forever.

Book 1 Scarlett  – release date to be confirmed

Book 2 Sentinel  – release date to be confirmed

Book 3 Sins of the Father – release date to be confirmed

Book 4 The Fallen – release date to be confirmed

Book 5 Caelum – release date to be confirmed