The Book of the Heavens

The Liber de Caelo, the Book of the Heavens, was once Heaven’s most prized possession and its most closely guarded secret; very few in the most highly-placed inner circle even knew of its existence. One of the five lost books of the Ancients, it contained within its pages all the power and ancient secrets of Heaven, and whosoever possessed it would have absolute authority over Paradise. Coveted by Lucifer himself, it was hidden during the War of Angels to prevent it from falling into his hands, but when Lucifer was finally cast down, the elders sent for the book to be retrieved, only to find it missing.

Heaven itself is in chaos; never having fully recovered from Lucifer’s betrayal, it is like a tinderbox – one wrong move and it will ignite. Even God can’t stop it – he’s disappeared. Civil war seems unavoidable, a war which will inevitably spill over onto Earth, causing the death and suffering of countless humans. In God’s absence, the Sentinels stand against the Angels, each trying to gain mastery over each other and ultimate domination over Heaven. The Demons circle beneath them, awaiting any opportunity to overthrow both races and gain entry to Heaven, leaving the humans trapped between them.

Scarlett grew up in isolation, shunned by both races and ostracized by her peers. The bastard daughter of a traitor, she lived quietly among her kind, keeping to herself and avoiding any kind of attention, but when she is accused of murdering another Angel and stealing an ancient and powerful magical object known as ‘the Sphere’, she knows she’s been set up. With no allies and no way to prove her innocence she has no choice but to run.

Escaping to Earth, she hides successfully among the humans until Sam, a man who is able to mysteriously transport himself from one place to another, lands in her lap desperately needing her help. His presence alone threatens to expose her, and before long Scarlett finds herself in a small town called Mercy. With the help of a powerful witch and her friends, Scarlett must locate the Sphere and the real thief in order to clear her name, but with the Angels, the Sentinels and the Demons hunting her, she is running out of time. The more she tries to unravel the threads and the lies, the more disturbing clues she uncovers, half-truths and buried secrets that lead her down a dark path, one that will lead her to the Book and, more horrifyingly, to the fallen angel, Lucifer himself.

In the continuation of the Guardians story spanning five books, Scarlett and Sam must find the Book of the Heavens and stop the thief or there will be war. If they fail and the Demons get their hands on the Book, they will be able to gain entrance to Heaven, and Paradise will be lost forever. But what is even more unthinkable is if it falls into the hands of Lucifer; he will rise and the Apocalypse will follow in his wake.


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Scarlett has hidden successfully for more years than she cares to admit. Hunted for a crime she did not commit and with a price on her head, she has survived this long because she didn’t allow anyone to get too close. She’d been betrayed before, a pain she never wanted to experience again. But she is about to learn the hard way that fate is a fickle and capricious creature. When Sam, the one man she never thought she’d see again, lands in her lap with a serious case of amnesia and the message ‘find Olivia’ scrawled across his arm, she finds herself facing the past she tried so hard to run from.

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CAELUM (Book 5)

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