Ava Cortez has always felt adrift in the world, as the only daughter of a flower child she’d spent her entire childhood drifting from town to town living in different communes, dreaming of a normal life… dreaming of a home to call her own…a place to belong.

When her mother passes away, Ava is shocked to discover not only that her mother had a significant amount of money which she concealed from her but also an old rambling Victorian house situated on the small island of Midnight, off the coast of Maine. The place where her mother was born.

Unable to contain her curiosity Ava sets out to discover her family history and the past her mother was obviously running from, but what started out as a curiosity soon begins to consume her, the more secrets she uncovers, the more she realizes how closely entwined her family is with the dark history of the island itself. 

With the help of a local man named Kelley Ryan she delves deeper into the past leading her back to one fateful night in 1919, to the worst storm on record and the sudden disappearance of dozens of children. 

The more they dig into the history of the house, the more they come to realize that sometimes the deepest foundations hide the darkest secrets.


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