The Days of Prophecy are coming , they say.

Scarlett’s murderous half brother has stolen the prophecy. He intends to use it to find the powerful Book of Heaven and if he does, he will destroy paradise, already on the brink of a war, which is spilling over onto Earth.

On the run once more, Scarlett takes refuge in the once place the angels won’t find her, under the protection of the mysterious Guardian, Olivia West.

There is only one hope of stopping Scarlett’s brother. They must steal the only other copy of the prophecy in existence, but it’s in the possession of The Veritas, a dangerous secret society which is hell bent on stealing magical abilities.

Together Olivia and Scarlett must not only learn to trust each other but break into the hidden headquarters of the Veritas and steal the prophecy.

The problem is… the Veritas know they’re coming.

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