Scarlett has hidden successfully for more years than she cares to admit. Hunted for a crime she did not commit and with a price on her head, she has survived this long because she didn’t allow anyone to get too close. She’d been betrayed before, a pain she never wanted to experience again. But she is about to learn the hard way that fate is a fickle and capricious creature. When Sam, the one man she never thought she’d see again, lands in her lap with a serious case of amnesia and the message ‘find Olivia’ scrawled across his arm, she finds herself facing the past she tried so hard to run from.

Even knowing it’s a bad idea, she reluctantly agrees to help him recover his memories and find the mysterious ‘Olivia’ so that she can send him on his way with a clear conscience; sounds so simple, right? There’s just one problem. Sam’s the one who betrayed her, only he has no memory of those events at all. Suddenly everything isn’t so black and white, and the more of Sam’s memories they recover, the more she questions her own memories of those dark days.

Pursued by Angels and Demons alike as they try to piece back together Sam’s damaged mind, Scarlett finds the lines blurring. Unable to tell friend from foe, she has no idea who to trust with her life and Sam’s, but the closer they get to the answers, the more she comes to realize that the one person she needs the most is the one who hurt her in the worst way.

When her enemies begin to close in, she is faced with a choice – save herself or risk everything for the man who betrayed her, knowing that it may cost her her life.

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