London 1862
Olivia and Scarlett find themselves trapped in Victorian London without Olivia’s compass, which is now in the hands of Jonathan Faraday the leader of the Veritas. There is only one chance for them to make it back to the present and that is to locate a powerful artefact known only as The Hourglass, but a chance encounter with an old acquaintance puts them back in the path of the Veritas.

The Present Day.
Theo has been kidnapped and is being held by Jonathan Faraday who is hell bent on using Theo’s abilities as a seer to complete an ancient prophecy, which he believes will lead him to the Book of the Heavens and all of its ancient magic. Unable to control his visions, Theo is in danger of being handed over to a doctor known as ‘the butcher’ whose methods of extracting information will leave him dead or severely brain damaged. He knows he only has one choice, escape or die trying.

With Olivia trapped in the past and Theo at the mercy of Faraday, it seems all hope is lost, until a young woman with a very mysterious gift appears and it seems, the worst may still be yet to come…

Released March 31

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