The Book of the Heavens

The night of the Awakening changed everything…

Infernum, the Hell Book, lost for thousands of years has awoken and found its Guardian. The humans don’t know it yet, but nothing will ever be the same. Even now Infernum calls to its brothers and sisters. One by one they begin to stir, calling out for their own Guardians.

Caelum, the Book of the Heavens, was the only book not lost to the endless reaches of time. It sat for untold centuries in the most guarded, most sacred hallowed halls of the Angels, protected by a single bloodline, chosen it is said by God himself. But when a thief steals the book away into the night, it brings the kingdom of Heaven itself to the brink of war.

The Angels and Sentinels have torn apart Heaven and Earth looking for the stolen book, to no avail, but not all hope is lost.  The thief left a clue…a riddle that no one has been able to decipher.

It seems the thief has hidden the book for a very specific person to find, and when they do, they alone will hold the power to save Paradise…or destroy it.


Scarlett had hidden successfully for more years than she cared to admit. Hunted for a crime she did not commit and with a price on her head she has survived this long because she didn’t allow anyone to get too close. She’d been betrayed before, a pain she never wanted to experience again. But she is about to learn the hard way that fate is a fickle and capricious creature.

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Scarlett’s murderous half brother has stolen the prophecy. He intends to use it to find the powerful Book of Heaven and if he does, he will destroy paradise, already on the brink of a war, which is spilling over onto Earth.

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Olivia and Scarlett find themselves trapped in Victorian London without Olivia’s compass, which is now in the hands of Jonathan Faraday the leader of the Veritas. There is only one chance for them to make it back to the present and that is to locate a powerful artefact known only as The Hourglass.

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CAELUM (Book 5)

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