Book 1: Mercy

In twenty first century Mercy, Massachusetts, bodies of missing residents begin to turn up in the woods that are not only missing body parts but also marked with a supernatural brand. For the descendants of the Salem witch trials, the past appears hard to escape…

Book 2: The Ferryman

Betrayed by her family and still trying to piece together the broken strands of her life, Olivia and Theo must also figure out how to stop Nathaniel, the demon from seventeenth century Salem, who has been let loose on the unsuspecting town of Mercy.

Book 3: Crossroads

The doorway to the Otherworld has been closed but at a terrible cost. Theo has been trapped on the other side while the Demon Nathaniel searches for one of the lost crossroads of the Underworld.

Book 4: Witchfinder

All of a sudden Olivia and Theo find themselves thrown back in time to 17th century Salem. Isabel and Nathaniel are hell bent on finding Olivia’s ancestor, Hester West, who was the last of the West women known to have had possession of Infernum, the most powerful book ever to have existed.

Book 5: Infernum

When Olivia finally returns to her hometown of Mercy with her husband Theo, the relief is short lived. Her mother and the demon Nathaniel have also returned and they are under the disturbing impression she knows where the Hell book is and they’re not the only ones.

Book 6: A Little Town Called Mercy

A Collection of Short Stories, including:
6.1 Daughter of Fire
6.2 The Salted Bone
6.3 Storyteller

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