Mercy3DThe Town of Mercy is hiding a centuries old secret…

Olivia West had no intention of ever returning to her hometown of Mercy, Massachusetts, but when an ancient presence begins to stir beneath the sleepy little town, she feels it echoing in her soul… calling to her witches’ blood, a call she is helpless to obey.

Theodore Beckett has a dark past and secrets of his own, born in 17th Century Salem he finds himself dragged through time to the present day and left with nothing but a cryptic instruction to find and help Olivia.

When the town is rocked by a series of supernatural murders Olivia unwittingly finds herself the prime suspect, but the murders are only the beginning.

Thrown into a world of murder and magic and trying to fight their growing feelings for each other, Olivia and Theo must stop a murderer and uncover her family’s oldest and darkest secret, but as the killer draws closer and a dark presence begins to awaken… time is running out.




Download the first three chapters of Mercy with my compliments. Just click the button below and a pdf file will be automatically downloaded to your device.

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“What an amazing read this book is. From the moment I started reading I was hooked and could not put the book down and ordinarily that would be fine but I’ve been a walking zombie at work this week due to lack of sleep but IT WAS WORTH IT. What surpised me the most is how quickly you become immersed into the story and how the characters are so well written and believable that you feel everything they do. I cant wait for the next book!!!!!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“Couldn’t put it down. It draws you in and keeps up the pace to the explosive finale. It also makes you care about the characters who are believable and human. This is a book you will want to read and recommend to your friends. Ideal Xmas gift and well worth the purchase” – Amazon Reviewer

“Fantastic read!! Starts with a cracker and keeps it rolling perfectly all the way through, you know you need to put down the book to sleep but you have to know what happens next!! Can’t wait for the next installment” – Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely love this book. The story line was brilliant, great mixture of action, magic, murder and romance. The characters were very likeable, Can’t wait to read the next book. Would definitely recommend it” – Amazon Reviewer

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