Theodore Beckett

Name: Theodore Beckett

Birthday: 16th September 1667
Age: Physically 31 Technically 347
Place of Birth: Salem MA
Birth sign: Virgo, they often suffer in silence – but ask their opinion about anything and you will be subjected to a full and precise analysis, liberally laced with criticism. Bright and inquisitive, industrious and thorough they are often very helpful. Their highly intelligent minds need plenty of stimulation causing them to sometimes be fractious and restless. They worry excessively but prefer to hold their emotions in check rarely voicing their doubts and fears. Virgo’s are dependable, dutiful, sensible and painstaking but can also be neurotic and negative.
Parents: Matthias Beckett & Emmaline Beckett.
Other close relations: None.
What was important to the people who raised him? Religion.
Siblings: Logan Beckett, brother older by five years Temperance Beckett sister younger by twelve years.
Economic/social status growing up: Respected in the community.
Ethnic background: White American.
Places lived: Only Salem.
Education: Able to read and write.
Jobs: Witch finder.
Friends: Jake Gilbert and Tommy Linden.
Enemies: Nathaniel Boothe.
Overall outlook on life: Bit cynical.
Relationship with God: Strained.
Does he like himself? No.
What if anything would he change about her life? His past.
What personal demons haunt him? The time he spent as a witch finder and the things he was forced to do.
Morality level: Fairly high.
Confidence level: Medium.
Physical appearance: Good looking.
Physical build: Tall, well built.
Eyes: Dark.
Hair: Dark.
Skin: Slightly golden.
Clothing: Casual, jeans and boots kind of guy.
Special abilities: He is an amazing artist and he has prophetic dreams, he also has an eidetic memory and a genius level IQ.
Wants: Forgiveness, redemption.
Fears: Losing Olivia, her not understanding about his past.
Talents: Painting.
What people like best about him? His honesty.
Favorite food/drink: Pizza.
Favorite music: Rock.
Favorite sports/recreation: Baseball


Although Theo was born in seventeenth century Salem and had a strict Puritan upbringing he is able to adapt to life in the twenty first century because of his prophetic dreams. He has spent his whole life dreaming about Olivia and the world she comes from, so while he might not know what things are they are familiar to him and therefore he is able to except them.