Olivia West

Name: Olivia West

Birthday: Friday 31st October 1986
Age: 28
Place of Birth: Mercy, Massachusetts
Birth sign: Scorpio, A sign of radical extremes, when they’re good, they’re good but when they’re bad they’re really bad. She’ll have a stainless steel backbone and the sort of will power that will move mountains. Scorpio’s become deeply attached to those they love. Sudden change or the loss of a loved one can devastate them completely. Scorpio’s are immensely loyal and can be relied upon to keep a secret or protect a friend, even if they themselves suffer in the process. They hate to be pushed into anything but once they feel confident in their abilities they soar. Determination, single-mindedness, resourcefulness and tenacity are a Scorpio’s strengths whilst vengefulness and obstinacy are faults.
Parents: Charles (Charlie) Connell, Isabel West.
Other close relations: Twins/Alice West (Maternal grandmother) Evelyn West (Great aunt)
What was important to the people who raised her? A paycheck/ she was raised by foster parents and in group homes.
Siblings: None.
Economic/social status growing up: Lower class/ poor.
Ethnic background: White American
Places lived: In and around the Massachusetts/ New England area, Philadelphia, New Haven, Providence, Salem and Mercy.
Current address: The Stick House, Lakeside, Mercy, Massachusetts.
Education: College educated thanks to scholarships.
Favorite subject in school: History
Special training: Historical research, specialising in the Salem witch trials and persecution of witches.
Jobs: Independent researcher and author of historical reference books.
Salary: Lives comfortably.
Travel: Never left the US.
Friends: Louisa Linden and Jake Gilbert (Brother and sister) Margaret Hale (Mags)
Lives with: By herself
How do other people view her? Quiet, a little strange
Enemies: Nathaniel Boothe
Relationship with God: Pagan/Witch
What if anything would she change about her life? To have a mother
What personal demons haunt her? Not being able to remember the night her father murdered her mother.
Physical appearance: Pretty
Physical build: Slim, curvy, soft
Eyes: Golden coloured eyes
Hair: Long, dark brown, naturally wavy.
Skin: Fair skin
Tattoos/piercings/scars: Belly button piecing, ears pierced, tattoo on the back of her left shoulder, a prayer for strength in French.
Clothing: Casual and confident
What people notice first: Her eyes
How would she describe themselves? Tainted
Special abilities: She’s a powerful witch, her specialty is hell fire, she can pull and bow and arrow of pure fire from thin air.
Personality type: friendly but guarded about her past.
Strongest/weakest character traits: She’s extremely loyal but she doesn’t trust easily.
How can the flip side of her strongest point be a weakness? Sometimes she can’t see past her loyalty to see the truth about someone.
What makes her angry? Being made to feel small, being ordered around.
Fears: Of becoming like her father.
What people, places, situations does she avoid? Large groups of people.
Talents: She’s a very talented cook.
What people like best about her? Her smile.
Interests and favourites: She likes to read and to swim.
Political views: None in particular.
Favorite food/drink: Spaghetti, it’s a classic for a reason.
Favorite music: Bands.
Favorite books: Biographies.
Favorite movies: True stories.
Favorite sports/recreation: Swimming.
Did she play in school? She was on the swim team in several schools.
Favorite colour: Blue.
Childhood daydreams/current daydreams: That her mother wasn’t dead.
Best way to spend a weekend: At home.
A great gift for this person: Art, she loves paintings.
Pets: A dog named Truman when she was a kid, now a spaniel puppy named Beau.
Vehicles: A banged up 67 Camero.
Hopes and dreams: A family of her own.
Greatest success: Getting into college on a full ride.
Biggest trauma: Seeing her mother murdered by her father.
Cares about most: Her friends.
She is the kind of person who: Would help someone even if she didn’t like them if it was the right thing to do.


Olivia has her mother’s surname rather than her fathers. It is a bit of a weird family tradition as for some reason since her ancestor Hester West co-founded the town of Mercy with her sister, the West family has been an unbroken line of female children only. Occasionally twin’s girls are born but usually it is a single female child, no boys so they choose to keep their family name alive by taking the West name.