A Collection of Short Stories

6.1 Daughter of Fire
Life in Mercy begins to settle down after the momentous events the night the Hell Book revealed itself. Olivia and Theo still concerned for their missing friend Sam attempt to come to terms with their new reality. When the birth of Olivia and Theo’s children bring some unexpected visitors once again to Mercy, it becomes clear to them that finding the Hell Book was only just the beginning and that everything is far from over.

6.2 The Salted Bone
Jackson Murphy didn’t want much from life, just to raise his adopted son, Miller and run the pub he loved so much in peace. Okay, so maybe he would add his best friend and long-time employee Shelley to that list, but some things were not meant to be. That is until, strange things start happening.
When once again spirits begin flooding into his pub and setting up residence, Jackson suddenly finds himself the owner of the most haunted pub in North America, worse still, he has an inspector coming to review the pub and no way to hide all the dead residents.
Before he knows it, Jackson is trying to juggle, the inspection, a crazy British medium, his son’s 1st birthday party and his growing feelings for his best friend, proving once again that life in Mercy is never dull.

6.3 Storyteller
After spending the summer on a small Caribbean island with the Goddess Calypso, Jake and Roni return home to Mercy.
Obsessed with the idea of tracing her own family history, Roni realizes that her family do in fact have ties to Mercy and that it was no accident that she was offered the job at the museum.
When bodies start dropping and strange killings begin, Jake and Roni discover there is a new supernatural creature in Mercy, one who has the ability to turn fiction into reality.
Together they must discover the identity of the Storyteller before they are pulled inside a story themselves, one with fatal consequences.