7 Haunted American Hotels

SheeGadsden Hotel – Douglas, Arizona

Ghost sightings at the historic Gadsden Hotel are so common that guests are invited to write their experiences in two binders kept at the hotel’s front desk. Visitors report having their hair pulled, their televisions turned off, and even being pinned momentarily to their beds, unable to move. Hotel manager, Robin Brekhus, meanwhile, insists she’s seen the ghost of a cowboy in a long duster coat on a trip to the basement: “It was like he wanted me to make eye contact with him and acknowledge that I saw him.”

Haunted HotelsColonial Inn – Concord, Massachusetts

With a history dating back to 1716, the Colonial is said to be haunted by none other than Ralph Waldo Emerson. Other guests report experiencing “phantom presences” in Room 24, once the operating room of Dr. James Minot.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel has only been a hotel since 1964. Founded in 1817, it has alternately been used as a ballroom, legislative meeting place, and convent. Now considered one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, it’s believed to be occupied by the ghosts of confederate soldiers, Catholic nuns, and the children who lived at the convent orphanage in the 19th century.

Hotel Andra – Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s Hotel Andra is home to an eternal party of jazz age ghosts. It’s said that 1920s partygoers are often heard playing music and breaking glass on the hotel’s ninth floor. But when anyone ventures up there, the noise is immediately silenced.

shutterstock_14988271Biltmore Hotel – Coral Gables, Florida

The Biltmore has a lengthy, troubled past. During the roaring ‘20s, the hotel was the place to see and be seen—host to wealthy socialites, celebrities, and some pretty notorious gangsters. But in the ‘40s, the United States War Department shut down the hotel, converting it into a hospital to treat wounded soldiers. By the 1970s, the building was completely abandoned, left crumbling and in disrepair (check out the 1977 B horror film Shock Waves to see it and its counterpart in Palm Beach in their abandoned states). Nowadays, it’s once again a luxurious hotel—but it hasn’t left its past behind. Guests report sightings of past residents, most famously Thomas “Fatty” Walsh, a mobster who was killed over a gambling debt in the hotel in the 1920s.

Captain Grant’s B&B – Poquetanuck, Connecticut

Carol Matsumoto, who runs Captain Grant’s, reported hearing very loud knocking sounds before she even opened the historic B&B. The house, which was originally built in the 1750s, is said to be home to several colonial-era ghosts. Guests who stay in the B&B’s “Adelaide” room report seeing a woman holding hands with two children—all dressed in colonial garb—standing at the foot of their bed.

Hotel Monaco Alexandria – Washington, D.C.

Located in the city’s historic district, the Monaco dates back to the Civil War, when it was known as the Marshall House. It’s said the ghosts of James W. Jackson and Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, both of whom died during the war, haunt the sixth floor.

The Colony Hotel, Ocean Drive

The Colony Hotel is one of the fabulous Art Deco hotels along Ocean Drive in Miami South Beach. It was designed by Henry Hohauser in 1935. Hohauser designed many buildings in the South Beach precinct, providing a significant contribution to the Deco heritage of the area.

The building is decorated simply. A large sign dominates the front of the building spelling out “Colony Hotel” in bold letters supported on an inverted ‘T’. There are several series of thin horizontal bands either side of the sign and short vertical bars along the central part of the roofline with a zig-zag pattern on either side.

The windows form recessed horizontal bands with protruding eyebrows providing additional shade from the Florida sun. The eyebrows curve around the sides giving the building a nice profile from street level.

Photo: Carsten Titlback

The windows themselves cut through the corner of the hotel but there are also supporting columns giving the overall appearance of a continuous wall.

Walk out through the front door of the Colony Hotel and you are surrounded by hundreds of popular South Beach restaurants and boutique shops, nightclubs and cafes, spas and salons. The beach is just across Ocean Drive. Relax and enjoy the Colony Hotel’s privileged location in comfortable, European-style guest accommodations, which include luxurious oceanfront suites.

At night the character of the whole area changes when the neon is lit. Next time you have a chance to pop into any of the 16-million novelty shops on South beach, take a look at the racks of postcards. Eight out of 10 are going to be pictures of Ocean Drive, lit up in all its nightly extravagance.

Behind the shimmering blue neon, gracious service is a tradition at the Colony Hotel, where an attentive staff makes every guest feel welcome. Immerse yourself in its Art Deco history with a refreshing cocktail in the lobby bar or sit back and enjoy the scene while people watching on the restaurant’s terrace.

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Haunted American Hotels

Hotel Roosevelt, Los Angeles, California

Considered by many to be one of the most haunted hotels in America—the Hotel Roosevelt has the fortunate, or unfortunate, stigma of being home to some of the most famous ghosts in America. Film star Marilyn Monroe spent two years of her life in this landmark hotel – and rumor has it, she continues to wander the premises to this day. Her favorite room was believed to be 229, where several guests have spotted her in the mirror, while others note appearances in the hotel’s grand ballroom.

The ghosts of Carole Lombard, the wife of Clark Gable, and Errol Flynn are also believed to roam the premises, while the ghost of Montgomery Clift has been said to be heard playing the trumpet in room 928.

Among the less famous apparitions is a ghost of a pony-tailed little girl named Caroline, often seen skipping and singing near the fountain in the lobby.

shutterstock_3015096Baker Hotel, Texas

Some have said that the most famous spirit to roam the lonely halls of the Baker Hotel is of a woman who committed suicide there. Reports suggest she was the mistress of the hotel manager; others say she was the owner, Baker’s, mistress. Legend has it, she jumped to her death from the top of the hotel.

One maid reported finding glasses with red lipstick marks on them in the seventh-floor suite where the woman had once stayed. Nobody else had been in the room. Guests have reported smelling the woman’s lavender-scented perfume on the seventh floor.

Another ghost was seen in the basement and believed to be the ghost of Douglas Moore. In 1948, he began working at the Baker Hotel as an elevator operator and became involved in a prostitution ring. His mother urged him to quit his job and report the illegal goings-on. Weeks later, upon being invited to return to work, he mysteriously died in an ‘accident’ involving the elevator in which his body was sliced in half at the waist.

Only the ghost’s head and upper body have ever been seen.

Windsor Hotel – Georgia

Built in the late 1800s, guests at the 100-room Victorian masterpiece often claim to come across the ghost of a young girl, who was the daughter of a former housekeeper who worked there in the early 1900s.

The laughing ghost was first heard singing nursery rhymes following her death alongside her mother when they were both pushed down an elevator shaft.

It has been said that ‘If you hear the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Baa Baa Black Sheep songs late at night through your hotel door, you’ve met one of the ghosts. With hallways straight out of the Stephen King book—The Shining—The Windsor Hotel is one place you wouldn’t want to take residence in for too long.


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