How to use Crystals

Healing crystals have been applied since a millennium for various concerns. What we will discuss here is how they are used effectively.


There are innumerable healing crystals and stones available. What prospective users must identify before they move forward is what crystal they will use. Regardless of whichever stone you end up selecting, there are multiple ways healing crystals can be used.

For instance, users can simply wear healing crystals for it to work. Healing crystals have the propensity to absorb or repel energy which is why wearing them like a necklace or a pendant can do the trick.

They supplement and elevate your mind, body and spirit the same way a medicine or a vitamin would. If you cannot manage wearing stones, then you may as well put one in your pocket and go about your daily activities.

Alternatively, users may also meditate using healing crystals. Those who believe firmly in the potency of healing stones state that since some of these are actually thousands of years old, they accumulate information, which does not diminish with the passage of time. Therefore, if a person were to use these during meditation, they would be able to accept positive energy and insight intuitively.

The easiest way to employ healing crystals is to sleep near them. When a person is resting, the stones have the ability to connect with their subconscious mind and enable them to heal effectively. This process removes hurdles that the rational mind can develop. It can be executed by placing crystals on your bedside or beneath your pillow before you sleep.

Yet another method that can be utilised is to place healing crystals on a particular part of the body. By doing so, they can benefit from its direct application and allow it to heal them. For example, if you suffer from a burn or have a wound that is yet to heal, then you can put a quartz crystal on it and just let it work its magic.

Healing crystals do not have to stay on just one part of the body. Users can also move them around the body and take advantage. Those who have practiced this technique highly recommend that moving healing crystals around your body means its healing effect spreads to different parts.

Therefore, if you just fasten your grip on a specific stone and caress your body with it, the crystal will transmit its energy from your head to your toe and its energy field will extend to all the parts of the body that it covers.

Finally, one more method of applying healing crystals is to place them in another part of your home or in your car as well. These stones serve to protect and strengthen users. Hence, you can benefit by having them nearby whether you are reading a book at home or driving the kids around.

Crystal Healing

A sacred process that is making quite the comeback, crystal healing is a science or rather a pseudoscientific alternative form of medicine. Basically, the technique uses semiprecious stones for ameliorating the health and wellbeing of people.

Those who have acquired knowledge on this subject matter suggest that crystals like quartz, opals and amethyst can improve a person’s mental and physical health. It can elevate their body, mind and soul. It has also been said in the past that the technique exhibits healing powers which are transmitted to its recipients.

How it Works

Those who engage in crystal healing adhere to the notion that the whole universe is made up of energy. According to this notion, even something as trivial as furniture is comprised of vibrations of energy at its fundamental level.

Furthermore, scientists have deduced how to use the energy inherent in crystals. For instance, miniscule quartz crystals are used in wrist watches. Even the electrical components of the latest smartphones and laptops are comprised of quartz crystals. This shows that the energy of crystals is already being implemented in modern day technology.

Another common implementation of crystals is in medication. For example, several pharmaceutical companies use minerals that are obtained from healing crystals.

How they work is interesting as well. Similar to how magnets employ energy to either attract or repel, healing crystals use energy in the same fashion. The wisdom involved is that when you place healing crystals on certain parts of the body, your energy transcends, vibrates and transmits based on the properties of the crystal being used.

How the Healing Works

Healing crystals can be used to recuperate from everything from anxiety to migraines and many other concerns as well. All it takes is the appropriate stone and the right application. In principle, there are three main ways that healing crystals can be used.

The first one is called clearing. In this method, crystals essentially absorb negative energy from the body. In simpler words, crystal healing can ‘clear’ certain energy from the body.

The second method is called energising. This is fundamentally the opposite of clearing, since healing crystals exude energy and transmit this energy into the user’s body, mind or spirit respectively.

This is quite similar to how electricity works. It conducts and then translates this energy into an object. Likewise, healing crystals are able to harness energy from a quantum realm which it then transcends onto the person’s energy field. The entire process is innocuous and not detrimental at all.

The third and final type is called balancing. This method simply ensures that there is a symmetry of energy and the person undergoing crystal healing is able to restore balance to their minds, bodies and spirits. If a person senses that he is suffering from an imbalance of energy, he can be subjected to healing crystals to improve his condition.

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Hunting is one of the most famous and commonly presented folklore in Southern America. Since the 20th century it has continued to be one of the biggest sources of interest and belief for many.

Who Was The Bell Witch?

It was the Bell Family who first witnessed The Witch which is why it was named The Bell Witch. According to the family, they encountered an invisible entity with supernatural powers to speak, influence the environment, and shapeshift. It was a horrible incident and the entire local area was affected.

Over the years, people have continued to hear haunting voices and other evidence of a paranormal presence making The Bell Witch one of the most scariest of folklore in Southern America.


Since the 19th century to date, multiple people have reported similar types of incidents and observations.

In 1937 Louis Garrison, a farmer, reported hearing unexplained noises coming from inside the Bell Witch Cave.

A nearby gas station owner H. C. Sanders reported hearing a strange voice when he ran out of gas and started to follow a rabbit while he was returning home. A strange voice came from the rabbit who said “Hell of a race we had there, wasn’t it?”.

According to most writers and historians, the Bell Witch Cave has continued to mystify the local people for centuries.

Modern Day Media and the Bell Witch

From 1999 to 2013, multiple movies included the character of the Bell Witch. Some of these took it as a secondary character but in most of them, the core surrounds the Bell Witch. It is also notable that all of the movies made with respect to the Bell Witch were categorized under supernatural horror genre.

Moving on from movies, the Bell Witch has been pretty famous on the television as well. The most famous series were Ghost Adventures, and Cursed: The Bell Witch.

In addition to that, Bell Witch became part of several cartoons and comics. Children from all over the world still take an immense interest in the role of the Bell Witch.

Concluding the Mystery

The interest surrounding the Bell Witch is made up from vague stories with falsified facts and content. But on the other hand, Bell Witch has continued to indulge the audience with an ever-rising level of curiosity to explore. Whether it is true or not depends on your point of view.

History of Magic (Part 2)

Getting back to taking a look at the history of magic, let us now enter into the modern-day world of magicians, witches, and evangelical Christians to find out where we now stand when it comes to magic.

Magic in Today’s World

While looking at the modern-day world, from movies and music to literature, magic has completely transformed its shape and adapted to the current preferences of the people who believe in magic.

There are several researchers and psychological anthropologists who have continued to explore and explain the vast domain of magic. Whether it is about meeting a modern-day witch and taking a magic course or experiencing hallucinations and unexplained conversations, everything has a significant share in today’s world of magic.

Some Say Magic Has Reshaped Our Undertaking of This World

Anything that becomes part of culture leaves its impact, both positive and negative ones. There is a huge proportion of the global population that strongly believe in magic. Several of them practice different types of rituals and have developed strong communities. From worshiping the devil to sacrificing animals, people have surpassed their limits to attain next-level supernatural powers. While it remains a myth, many people still believe in such magic.

Becoming One of the Most Emerging Research Topic

It is unquestionably true that Magic has become one of the fastest emerging research topics around the world. Researchers have continued to study the domain of magic and have gathered significant findings over the years.

According to researchers, they are striving to find more profound aspects of Magic with thorough research methods and approaches. It is unquestionably true that the world is full of uncertainties that can lead towards disappointment which is why mankind has continued to overcome the physical limitations of nature.

Some critics say that religion is the most dominant element when it comes to explaining culture. Religions are the real power structures and will continue to define the subsurface of our modern day living. On the other hand, magic is one of the most mystical and exciting domains to study where people from diverse forms of faith, beliefs, and superstitions take interest.

Implications in Practicing Magic

The majority of people who believe in magic and practice it, consider religion as the most powerful and dominant element and do not go beyond it. On the other hand, a few extend their limit beyond their religion.

Concluding Thoughts

It can be easily concluded that having a firm belief in magic is not just a phenomenon but has become mainstream in the modern-day world. It has now become one of the fundamental perceptions to understand the world.

From underdeveloped cultures to the most modern cultures around the world, magic has gained considerable recognition and influences mankind significantly. On the other hand, increased inclination towards studying and exploring magic will continue to define our modern day perceptions, thinking, and practices.

History of Magic

Distinct from religion and science, Magic is a unique set of beliefs and practices followed for centuries across the world. It has been considered as one of the most mysterious, astonishing, and surprising elements for all of us. There are several Magicians who have gained considerable fame around the world, but how did it all start and where is it’s place in the world today? From books and publications to movies and cartoons, there is a lot that can tell us everything about Magic. Let’s get started.

Magic in the Middle Ages

Most of the medieval authors preferred to limit their magic to various compilations of wonderlore and spells. At that time, a number of Christianized magic varieties were devised during the middle ages where the cult of relics also succeeded to gain supernatural powers.

According to most of the historians, these relics have unique supernatural powers that they can turn the ill into a healthy person. These relics became ever more popular and several churches started to purchase them seeking to become a place of pilgrimage. Moreover, the relics of saints then compiled into other popular collections such as the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine and many others.

How Magic Progressed

In addition to that, there were many other magical practices and varieties of Christianized magic. These varieties required the magicians to stretch their limits and perform fasting, prayers, sacraments, and other rituals guided by the Christian Demonology. Magicians were able to influence the demons with their divine powers to make the most out of them while performing magic.

Magic in Early Modern Europe

The concept of magic underwent a more positive change in early modern Europe which focused more on natural magic. Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola were the two Italian humanists who introduced this concept while naming it as “Magia Naturalis”.

It was a whole new concept of magic with a clear focus on pervading natural processes rather than the demonic aspect of the Christian idea. According to most of the renowned historians, Magia Naturalis developed a prominent position in early modern Europe and appeared to be one of the most influential elements of the culture in the fourteenth and fifteenth century.

The Impact of Colonialism and Academia on Magic

It was the sixteenth century when European societies began to expand and conquer other neighboring regions which gave a significant rise and outreach of natural magic to those new countries.

Modern Western Side of Magic

The traditional and historical concept of magic has been widely challenged in western culture. It cannot be denied that the polemical discourses regarding magic completely transformed the way modern-day magicians understand and perceive their skills and expertise.

Some of the most famous and renowned magicians were Aleister Crowley and Julius Evola who have a huge influence on the majority of the concepts that are being followed by magicians and known to have the largest span of knowledge currently in magic.

Baba Yaga

Russian history of legends and supernatural beings cannot be completed without mentioning Baba Yaga – a deformed and ferocious looking lady. Russian fairytales represent Baba Yaga as an ambiguous and hideous woman who dwells in the deep forest in a hut standing on chicken legs.

Who was Baba Yaga?

According to some historians, Baba Yaga is considered as one of the most fearsome character in the Russian folklore. Most of the writers mention that she was famous for both helping and cannibalizing her visitors. Some describe Baba Yaga as a unique anomaly that represents both maternal and evil villain personality. Still the origins of her unique name continue to be a mystery and historians have continued to better describe her while assuming that “Baba” refers to an old woman or a grandmother.

From mop and broom to chicken-legged hut and mortar, it has been one of the most favorite and widely used element for symbolism in Russian culture. In the 17th and 18th century, Baba Yaga wood block prints were common.

There are several related figures, characters, and analogues to Baba Yaga. Jazibaba is one of the top listed.

Baba Yaga’s Existence in Modern Day World

From classical Russian culture to the modern day popular culture, Baba Yaga is one of the most widely discussed and mentioned Russian folklore. While taking a brief look at the writers and authors’ interest, there are several fairytales and poems that mention Baba Yaga and consider her as one of the most valued Russian folklores.

In addition to that, cartoon and film producers have also shown huge interest and inclination towards Baba Yaga. In 1938, a Soviet Union cartoon was based on the Russian fairy tale named “Ivashko and Baba Jaga” which represents Baba Yaga as one of the primary characters.


The character of Baba Yaga continues to be one of the most difficult and complex of entity to describe. When it comes to the culture and people of Russia, it seems like locals are still able to recognize Baba Yaga as one of the  most distinguished, ferocious, maternal, villain, and fearsome Russian folklores that ever existed in the Russian culture and history.

It is also evident that Baba Yaga will soon gain considerable attention of the modern day film making industry and we will be able to watch her in the upcoming movies. Moreover, other forms of media can also be expected in regard to Baba Yaga’s impactful influential and mystical characteristics.