Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse- Part 2

The four horsemen are a symbolic representation of the upcoming doom and apocalypse in the Christian religion. People debate greatly on whether the horsemen have already arrived or are they to arrive in the future, however, most of the evidence points that the events of the horsemen are to occur later in the future. Below is the last horseman that will arrive before Jesus Christ will return on his white horse. He will eradicate all the destruction and problems that were created by the horsemen to test the true believers according to the book of Revelation.

Pale Horseman:

The pale horseman is known to come after all the other horsemen and bring the conquest he is bent on fulfilling. Prior to this, the red horseman will cause war and destruction and the black horseman will cause famine across the world. The last horseman explains the aftermath of the previous three horsemen. The pale horsemen will have the power to create plague, and will control wild beasts; all of this will lead to mass deaths. So, in other words, this horseman will bring death to believers and will be the aftermath of all the destruction that the other horsemen will bring. The color of the horseman also is a representation of death too.

Have the Horsemen already arrived?

Considering the chaos in the world and the terrible things that happening right now, many may consider that the arrival of the horsemen is close or they are already here. However, historians have concluded that the horsemen have not yet arrived. However, there is a chance that the apocalyptic events that occurred in the 14th century may repeat themselves when the horsemen do arrive, as they were similar to the events that will occur when the horsemen arrive.

The Importance in Christianity of the Horsemen

The horsemen are just one of the signs of the doomsday that is believed to come about in the Christian religion. The horsemen are one of the first to arrive and will mark the start of a chain of events that will lead to the end of time. The horsemen are also a representation of the Anti-Christ who will come to the world and mimic Jesus Christ and will torment people causing mass destruction and devastation.

In Christianity however, it is believed that Jesus Christ will come and save the true believers from these horsemen and the Anti-Christ, eradicating all the problems like famine, diseases and more. He will rescue the believers and restore things to their original form.

So to Christians, the horsemen are a symbol of the oncoming doom and the destruction they need to face. They are also a warning to keep their faith strong and true so that they can face the horsemen. As they are to wait for Jesus Christ to save them from the torment, hence instilling the qualities of resilience and patience within the Christian people.

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