Four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Part 1)

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are a significant part of Christianity and are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. These characters are known throughout the world as eerie and mysterious. There is an intrigue that has been built around them and people have even begun to capitalize on this for example in movies using these as a major part of their plot, such as in the X-men franchise.

The four horsemen are symbols of four disastrous occurrences that are said to happen before the return of Jesus Christ. There has been an ongoing debate between historians on whether or not the event has already taken place, is taking place at this current time, or will take place in the future. However, large evidence points towards the fact that they are to happen later. As there are four horsemen, we will try and explain each one and what it symbolizes briefly.

The White Horseman:

The first horse is said to be someone who is sent on a conquest according to the book of Revelation. The rider will wear a crown and will also be holding a bow. Some people have said that in the Book of Revelation, it is said that Jesus will wear ride a white horse, which is what it may represent. However many disagree and believe this is a reference to the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is explained as someone who is like Jesus Christ, can perform miracles, and mimic him. He also has a quest that he is bent on accomplishing. It is said the bow that he carries is a nod towards the violence he will create.

The Red Horseman:

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The red horseman is someone who carries a large sword. He is symbolized by the color red, which is a symbol of war. He is said to be a symbol of war and violence. This is after the arrival of the white horse, which is said to be conquest driven, meaning that conquest is usually followed up by war. In terms of the Anti-Christ, it is said in the Book of Revelation, that he will wage war and create destruction for three and a half years. This is basically a reference to a war that is said to wreck the Earth.

The Black Horseman:

This rider is said to carry scales in his hands and symbolizes famine. This is a reference to the fact that wheat and barley will be wiped out which are the most commonly consumed crops. Wine and oil reserves have also been symbolized within the scales, symbolizing that the major products that are used for food consumption will eventually cease to exist. Historians attribute this to the fact that as there will be wars before this horseman’s arrival, the farmers and the people involved in the cultivation of these crops will be sent to fight the war. This is why; it will turn into a worldwide famine, causing many major civilizations to fall and people to die of hunger.

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