More Old English Folklore

Old English Folklores are tales that have been told to children through centuries in England. These stories have spread around the world and been retold time and again at bedtime to children. However, the stories have been altered due to traditions, modernization, and globalization. We have decided to showcase some of the old English folklore and give an overview of their original versions.

Bran the Blessed

Are you one who loves giants and the stories that surround them? From Gulliver’s travels to Bran the Blessed, these stories have been a major part of childhood. The story of Bran the Blessed is of a giant who is said to be a king of the Island of the Mighty. The mythical legend claims that after he had died on the island, his head was buried deep in the Earth. It is said that the Tower of London’s White Tower was built upon it. It is said that while the head remains beneath the tower, London will be protected from danger. However, another legend suggests that King Arthur had dug the head up, just to show his confidence in his military.

The Ravens of the Tower

A Raven is a creature that has been known to be part of many different mythical stories because of its mysterious nature and is deep-rooted within our culture. The myth is that if ravens were to take flight from the Tower of London, then the crown and the country will fall. It is also related to the story of Bran the Blessed. In Welsh, Bran the Blessed can be translated to The Blessed Raven.

Loch Ness Monster

The story of the Loch Ness monster has been adopted by many different cultures and countries, and has even been depicted in the movies. The Loch Ness monster originates from Scotland, and is thought to be a green-headed monster, with a long neck that sticks out of the water. It is a serpent-like creature. Many believe it descends from dinosaurs or is a left over species from the dinosaur era. Even though it has been said that the Loch Ness monster is a myth and is something that comes from folklore, many people have claimed to have seen glimpses of the monster through history.

Whether or not these tales are true, what matters is that these stories are rooted within our culture and represent our traditions and history.

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