Old English Folklore

Most of us must have heard different stories during our childhood about the various fan-favorite characters such as Robin Hood etc, however, we never have realised that these are actually well known folklore – stories and traditions that have developed through centuries. These tales usually have a strong message behind them that is meant to teach the child a lesson and instill good qualities within the reader. This is why most of us have a very distinct sense of right and wrong. These stories with their subliminal messages help enforce various different values within the readers. Here is an overview of a few famous old English folklore that have been told time and again through centuries.

Robin Hood

All through the world, children know the name of Robin Hood. The character has been reinvented time and again but what was the real, classic story behind this character? The actual tale was written in the 15th century and was called “Robin Hood and the Monk”. This story is nothing like the story we know and love. It is about little John who places a bet with Robin Hood, who is in the King’s jail. He then kills a monk and a young boy to rescue Robin from jail. This story is a bizarre version of the tale we love and is nothing like what we expect it to be.

Tom Thumb

Ever heard of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina? It is a fan favorite and loved by children all over the world. It is known as the first ever folklore story told to children in England. It’s about Tom, a kid who is no larger than his father’s thumb. He goes on adventures all through the English countryside. What is shocking is that it is based on a real person whose grave is found in Trinity Church, Lincolnshire. However, we believe that he must have been larger than a thumb! This shows children that no matter what they look like, they can still have the adventures of their life without hesitation.

King Arthur

The tales of King Arthur are another one of those tales that have been retold again and again in various different ways. Movies and TV shows have been based on this old English folklore. Some believe he was a real English King that actually did exist while others believe he is just a myth. His story is like a fairytale, full of dragons, swords, mythical creatures and more. He is known as the chivalric hero who tries to save his people. His story is one that is used to instill bravery and righteousness within children.

Folklore is an excellent way to promote excellent qualities within children and keep cultures and traditions alive, as these are a treasured part of English heritage.

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