Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Part 2

Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, in English means the ‘Ruby rose and the cross of gold’ and was the second of the three orders of the golden dawn which taught the underlying magic and spiritual regrowth in the studies of occult and metaphysics to its followers. Unlike the first order “the golden dawn” which was about philosophy and metaphysics, this inner circle of the hermetic order incorporated magic and schooled people regarding Alchemy, Astral travel, and Scrying.


Popular in Occult circles, scrying also known as “seeing” was an ancient way of connecting with the supernatural entities by using a special medium with a hidden purpose. These purposes varied from people to people, some performed it in order to know the future, some did it for personal guidance and some practiced it for inspiration or revelation. In ancient times, most people usually performed scrying to gain attention from people and to claim prophecy.

Astral Projection:

Another practice that sounds unusual and interesting at the same time is the traveling of the soul outside the physical body. This is a famous phenomenon in esotericism projection. It is a state that people intentionally reach to gain an out-of-body experience more specifically to travel along time as ancient people believed that soul is a conscious phenomenon that is separated from the physical body and has the tendency to travel through time. The means to perform the astral projection changed from time to time, some people entered this state through hallucinations and self-hypnosis, and some associated it with meditation and dreams. This phenomenon is categorized as pseudoscience because the claim that the soul is a distinct feature from the neutral body is not supported by science.


This is an ancient branch of natural philosophy that emerged in earlier centuries and spread all over the world in Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. The people who are experts in this field of philosophy are commonly referred to as Alchemists and claim to have this ability to transform one material into another e.g. transforming lead into gold.

All these magical teachings of the inner circle of the hermetic order helped the followers in gaining a strong control on their psyche by creating an unbreakable link between themselves and the divine powers. Moreover, the followers of the hermetic order of the golden dawn used to believe that after learning the magical and philosophical phenomenon, they will reach their highest potential where they will have complete hold of their lives and even on the end of life. Thinking out of the box, crossing the human boundaries and becoming more than humans was the main motto of this school of thought. In order to make life peaceful, the important element was meditation which the followers usually practiced.

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