Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn – Part 1

When the world was busy undertaking scientific experiments, there was a secret society that was devoted to the spiritual development of humans by studying, as well as practicing, metaphysics, occult and paranormal activities. Regarded as an occult revival, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn sprung up in the late 19th and earlier 20th century and emerged as a prominent and prestigious magical order in Great Britain. The current magic and rituals of contemporary traditions that people witness today mark its influence and roots back to the golden dawn that was behind the spiritual awakening of many influential people i.e. William Butler Yeats, A.E Waite, etc. Being responsible for an occult revival, the purpose and goal of Hermetic Order was to bring into consciousness the inner divine sparkle of humans gained through real-life experiences and contemporary education.


Due of its complex philosophy and magical teachings, this society was divided into three orders among which the first one is called the “Golden Dawn” although all three of them are jointly called the “Golden Dawn”. All these orders have specific purposes, the focus on personal development is covered by the first order which was responsible for giving people exposure to hermetic Qabalah through education of classical elements and basics of geomancy, tarot, and astrology.

It all started with William Wynn Westcott sending a letter of permission to Anna Sprengel who used to have an ability to come in contact with supernatural entities called Secret chiefs – the experts over any magical order. Some followers of the Golden Dawn believed that the secret chiefs were basically a representation of legends who were sources of esotericism. The Isis-Urania Temple was the first temple established in 1888 in London, and provided women with an opportunity to learn the metaphysical and philosophical concepts. In the initial stage, the Golden Dawn order did not teach magic practices, it was a small cohesive group that taught rituals and meditations written in Cipher manuscripts and became vigorous in 1892.

The effect of Golden Dawn on Great Britain:

Great Britain was under the cloud of Victorian England where people were restricted to express their feelings, to practice their free-will and to live freely because the world was extremely judgmental and conservative. The ruling class who dominated restricted people to express their thoughts and personal interests, and political inclinations lead people to imprisonment. England was struggling with the consequences of the class system when the Golden Dawn appeared and gave people a chance to escape reality and make out a life different from the rest of English society.

Into this environment, the spiritual links brought out the hidden abilities of people and helped them with spiritual regrowth by leading them to a path where they could make up their own way of reaching their desires. This school of thought made goddesses and god out of ordinary women and men in the form of professionals by detaching them from the hypnotic and technological world into the world of philosophy and metaphysics.

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