Divine Light

Sometimes, our soul needs cleansing to get rid of all the negativity that it is surrounded with in this world. Divine light is believed to serve this very purpose. Everyone has this light inside them. It is a matter of disclosing yourself to it with the aid of invoking your inner being. This helps in getting deeper information of the nature of the Divine and to recognise the higher consciousness inside you.

Divine Light is a sort of a technological prayer that has lots of functions. It is a shape of safety from the evils and negativity that surrounds you. It also allows to strengthen your inner self by raising your awareness and consciousness. Divine light serves as a mechanism that protects, heals, and empowers your energies associated with the people and items which can be most essential to your existence.

Everyone has divine light inside of them. It is only a matter of self-consciousness to invoke it. It is veiled by many layers of bodily and psychological topics within which you have shielded yourself. It is thought to be pure and has the ability to help you in your life as do angels.

Invoking divine light within you can be a way of healing and purifying your soul. However, what human beings do not understand is that Divine light is a great source of protection and has restoration abilities. In moments of sorrow and depression, it’s going to convey happiness into your life. If you are broken, it’s going to mend you. In case you need assistance in existence, it’ll show you the course in an effort to lead you to success.

It may be invoked through physical visualisation. That is how the transfer of light inside, in the form of strength, keeps happening within the surrounding environment without you being consciously aware of it.

To invoke the divine light, it is important to be at a place where you can achieve mental peace – an area where you can meditate without any disturbance. The invoking process requires you to relax and control your breathing, so your mind can focus on the invocation of the divine light. There is usually a prayer that people read to seek the help and guidance of the angels. It is then felt as though one is being encircled by a blinding light. Light focused above the head is known as the purest form and known as Cosmic Light, Light of God, or Divine Light. It is believed that this light then enters one’s body from above the head and flows into the heart, and down to the rest of the body to every organ, purifying and cleansing it. As this manner takes effect, the entire body, mind, and soul becomes energised as all the negativity leaves the body, and the person is filled with light and purity.

In conclusion, divine light is known to provide the person with the mental peace they are looking for. It is a sort of meditation for the spiritual awakening, purification and receiving of peace the soul needs.

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Wendy Saunders - Author

I am a romantic suspense author based in Hampshire in the UK

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