Chinese Astrology

Back in the time when early humans could not keep time and had no absolute knowledge of seasons, they would refer to the bright constellations at night to predict what the future holds for them. By studying the stars and their movement, humans could suggest when the new season was about to begin. Based on this study, they would hunt and sow vegetables at a particular time. The lifestyle of early humans was heavily reliant on the study of stars, it is fair to say that astrology decided their fate. Today, the human race has modernized, we are now aware of our surroundings and know which seasons come when and we prepare and act accordingly. To put it into perspective, we would not have had information about the seasons and their timing if it were not for our ancestors that studied it.

Even today, Astrology plays an important role in predicting one’s future and knowing what one’s fate holds for them. Astrology today however may not be as popular as it was before and some cultures still follow centuries old traditions. Similarly, the Chinese are avid followers of Astrology. So much so, they have their own unique charts that are much different from what is followed elsewhere. In their version of astrology, dating back to the Han Dynasty in 200 BC, it consists of unique elements such as the ten celestial ordinals and a combined calendar that gives information about both the sun and the moon, amongst many other unique elements. The building block of the Chinese astrology lies in the historic and traditional Chinese culture such as the five-element theory and the famous Yin Yang concept of philosophy.

The concept of the Chinese version of astrology is based on knowing the position of the important planets as well as the position of the sun and the moon in addition to the zodiac sign according to the individual’s birth month. An individual’s destiny can be predicted. Similarly, in the case of zodiac signs, they too are very different to the Western signs. The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals in comparison to the Western zodiac signs that include animals and other symbols. Moreover, the Chinese zodiac signs are a result of the study of the star Jupiter, whose movement around the sun was divided by the Chinese into 12 sections. 

One famous concept in the Chinese astrology is the concept of four pillars with the help of which an individual’s destiny can be known. These four pillars refer to the year of birth, the month of birth, the day of birth and finally the hour of birth. The pillar of year provides information regarding a person’s relationships and family while the month provides information about their childhood. Similarly, the day and the hour provide crucial information that can be studied by the astrologer in addition to other information provided by your birth and zodiac to predict your destiny.

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