Human Sacrifices Today

In India, people tend to believe in different rituals and traditions, including human sacrifices. Due to advancement in technology and awareness of morality, most people condone such practices, but they still exist in remote areas.

Recently, a heat wave took place in the country, which was known as the deadliest heat wave in the past 100 years. It killed around 2500 people as the temperatures raised so much that the streets began to melt. The average temperature during the heat wave was around 50 degrees Celsius.

The death that seems to stand out the most is the murder of a man named Thepa Kahria. He was a 55-year-old laborer who was found in a pool of his own blood by neighbors in a small village. However, only the man’s body was found and his head was not. The head had been buried in a farm nearby as a ritual to summon rain and decrease the heat which had taken over the country.

The murder was committed by a group of people known as the Orkas. They were the ones who sacrificed the laborer and buried his head in the farmer’s field in exchange for good weather and to save their crops from the heat.

In the West, the practice of human sacrifice is very rare, yet it still does exist. A boy was found in the river Thames in London with his limbs and head dismembered and only his torso appeared to be floating through the river. Poison was found in his intestine which linked it to old African witchcraft.

Most people use human sacrifice in Asian countries as a way to increase the intensity of sexual pleasure. However in the Hindu faith animal sacrifice, and in extreme times, human sacrifice, can be a way to make their lives better.

People that preach this practice, tend to get into the minds of those who are uneducated and gullible. It is so common that around 128 cases of human sacrifice were reported in just Uttar Pradesh, a state within India in just 4 months.

An example of this is that of a couple who desperately wanted to have a son. They consulted local preachers who suggested this barbaric act to them. They then kidnapped a 5-year-old boy and took him to a river. The priest chanted over the body, while they mutilated his body. They then killed the child and washed themselves in his blood to increase fertility and the chances of having their own child.

Modern-day human sacrifice is only prevalent due to lack of education and due to people’s gullibility as they are not aware of the rules of human civilization and do not know better. Evil preachers tend to manipulate them into such acts and people being like sheep tend to follow them blindly.

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