Modern-Day Human Sacrifices

Human sacrifice is the belief that you sacrifice a human life in return for favors from God or those you believe to be the supreme power. The early exposure most of us may have had to human sacrifice were through animated versions in cartoons where the character is to be sacrificed in the volcano to suffice the Gods and give good weather or water back to the community. However, in real life, it’s not simple and in all honesty, it’s very terrifying.

The ways people sacrifice individuals these days, may not seem like sacrifice but more like murder, but in the traditional sense of giving up a human life to get a favor from God, they can be classified in the same category. Many people tend to kill women for their God. In the religion of Hinduism, women were burnt alive when their husbands passed away. A human life was sacrificed in turn as they believed that widows were a bad omen in society and considered it best to kill them alongside their spouse. Even in the Pakistan and Afghan religion, the concept of honor killing can in some ways be classified as a human sacrifice. Men kill women if they are caught having a relationship, wanting to marry for love or even talking to a man that is not a blood relation. Men in this society believe that they are doing this in the name of God and will be rewarded for this deed sufficiently.

Many African countries that are involved with voodoo magic still practice this horrendous act. A boy was found in 2001 floating in the River Thames. His limbs and head had been clean cut off and his torso had been drained of blood. Later in his intestines, the poison which was found was linked back to African voodoo. People believe if they sacrifice somebody, rain or good weather will come their way. Another instance in India showed a laborer of 55 years being killed to get good weather so the crops could be watered and grow well. This was done close to the monsoon season which meant rain came soon after. This made the people believe that their dreadful act had worked and God had sent rain for that reason.

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In African countries, the concept of witch doctors exists. Today the witch doctors use the elderly and children as payment. The witch doctors sacrifice these poor individuals and harvests their organs for their purposes. Human sacrifice is also very common in voodoo magic as also practiced by many witch doctors. Women who are infertile are told to wash their bodies with the blood of a child to get pregnant.

Many may think that this horrendous act is far from our world and does not exist anymore but that is far from true. In rural, uneducated and underdeveloped areas, this activity still takes place and people are being killed. This shows us that even today when technology has evolved and man has been on the moon, we believe in superstition and traditions that do more harm than good.

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