Practicing Shamanism

Shamanism is a practice or a set of beliefs that people hold, which suggests that a shaman is a person who holds healing and restorative powers, while he is someone who can travel between the realms of the spirit world and the actual physical world. Shamans are said to have a huge role to play in society and are known as higher beings by those who believe. However, the practice of shamanism comes with a few dangers that can be harmful to our society.

It is not a belief that can be taken lightly. The shaman needs to have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the techniques used and how to ground themselves. If they do not, it could result in various disasters. People believe that when a shaman spends too much time out of their body and in other realms, they may find themselves feeling disconnected and ungrounded from the physical world and the life they lead here. This will then lead to an imbalance between the energies of the two worlds, hence causing trouble for the shaman. This is why having a proper balance between the two worlds is essential for shamans to maintain. This will keep them connected to both the worlds and keep them grounded on Earth.

The main risks, however, arises when a shaman in training believes that they may be ready to implement a technique, but they are not. This can not only hurt the shaman themselves but also the person they are trying to heal. It is best that the shaman is fully trained before they practice on people, to protect themselves and others from any harm they might do. The practice would then require them to be concentrated, have discipline in their life and be doing this for a purpose.

It is suggested that people who do have a history of psychosis or neurosis should stay away from shamans and the concept of shamanism as it can easily be triggered and lead to something worse. This is because the feelings of discomfort and being out of control may seem to take over the person’s body. This may be a very threatening situation to some and can trigger some non-benevolent beings in some other realm.

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