Shamans are known as beings with spiritual powers and reach. They can have powers which are beyond this world and they use those powers to cure people and enhance other’s connection to the next world. They can even converse with the spirits of the deceased in the other world. They have the ability to see energies and visions. They tend to use energy and fire as a medium for their communication. Within this context, shamanism is a concept which emerges from such practice. It is a collective traditional belief which some may even call a religion. People believe that a shaman can cure and heal the sick and is able to converse with spirits. Shamans are even credited with controling the weather, give dream interpretations and travel between spiritual worlds. It is said such traditions have existed for a long time and can even be found in pre-historic times.

There are various forms of shamanism which can be found around the world and there are different ways to practice it. Shamans are said to be similar to priests within their religion, except they are initiated as shamans due to a personal tragedy, such as being struck by lightning, or due to a near death experience. People believe when a person goes through something tragic like this, their spirit is reassembled again in the spiritual world, which is how they are able to connect with the other world. However in many other places, shamans are either chosen through dreams, through ancestry, or merely as a career choice. 

Shamans are known as healers, which transverse the axis Mundi to gain knowledge from the other world. Then they are able to enter the body of the patient, find what is making them sick and remove that cause from their spirit to help them heal. Shamans are also known as people who can kill. Shamans in most societies are given a high and prestigious role. They enjoy people’s respect and care for them and their high status.

There are some methods that shamans use to alter the states of consciousness which include singing, drumming, through sweat lodges and even dancing. Shamans are usually men but some societies do have female shamans too, as seen in Old Norse religion.  To practice shamanism, Shamans have to practice different rituals. They sometimes have special diets and fast for days. This helps their powers and they make sure to eat food high in serotonin and low in tyramine.

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