Catoptromancy is a coveted art and practice of deviation. Divination is gaining knowledge about the future through supernatural means. Through this practice you can use divination to find out about your past, present and future. This is done by looking into a mirror, usually positioned at the perfect angle to reflect moonlight. Some other names given to this practice are enoptromancy, caloptromancy and mirror gazing.

Historic Origins:

Pasuanias was a famous Greek traveller, who recounted his stories to the people he met. He recalled that at the Temple of Ceres of the goddess of agriculture, fertility and motherly love, that was located at Pataras was a fountain. This fountain was separated from the temple and at the side separated by a wall. This fountain was not for regular people to use, but only for those who were sick and suffering who wished to know the future.

However, to perform the ritual the sick person would need to pray to the Gods and specifically to the Goddess and had to provide a sacrifice or incense. The process of the ritual was such that the sick person would lower down a mirror until it touched the surface of the water. After this, it was positioned in a way that it reflected the moonlight. In the mirror the sick person would look at his or her face. If the face reflected blood, old age or a ghastly expression, then the person was likely to die and would not lead a long life. However, if the mirror showed a face with a smile, which was healthy and fruitful, then the person was likely to recover from the sickness and get back his health.

Catoptromancy is a very old and aged form of crystal gazing. This technique was heavily used by the Greeks and Romans. However, even now it is practiced by women on Halloween at midnight to see her future husband over their left shoulder.

Roman and Greek Catoptromancy

It is said a technique for Catoptromancy used by the Roman and Greek followers was a little different. They would look at the reflection of the moon for answers and not their own face. They believed that the answers appeared on the reflection of the moon in characters of blood. They then followed those and were usually likely to be true for them

Newer Catoptromancy

A newer and more reliable method said by people who practice this art is when a woman is waiting for matrimony. The woman will gaze at a mirror and the reflection of the moon and count the time it takes for a cloud or a bird to cover the reflection. The amount of minutes that pass by while looking at the reflection represents the number of years a woman will need to wait before she gets married.

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