Myrtles Plantation Ghost

Old plantations are always full of history and meaning. The vibe they hold is eerie and unnerving. They are always linked to so much history that it is difficult to differentiate between what is true and what is not. However, the story of the Myrtles Plantation Ghost is an interesting one. Myrtles Plantation was named after Crepe Myrtle and has 200 years of deep and rich history. It is located in Louisiana and is still currently open as a bed and breakfast for people to visit and explore. People still report strange happenings and unnatural sightings. However, many believe it to be a hoax. The story though is a very attention-grabbing one.

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The house was first built by David Bradford, a war general, during 1796. He built the house in what was a Spanish colony area at the time. He decided to live there alone until he was pardoned by the president then he brought his family to live with him. After his death, the plantation was handed down to his daughter and her husband Clarke Woodruff through his will. It was within the Woodruff’s ownership that this famous story took place.

According to the story, Clarke Woodruff was a respectable and truthful man, however, he had an active sex life, targeting and exploiting slaves. At one point he set his sights on a slave named Chloe. Chloe was aware that if she refused his advances, she would be forced to pick cotton from the fields which were long hours under the scorching sun and overseers would lash her if she stopped. She had little to no option and had to give in to his sexual advances eventually. The sexual affiliation between the two continued for a few years.

Chloe was fearful of Woodruff’s wife finding out which is why she started to snoop on the family conversations as she was afraid of the punishment she would get if the truth was revealed. However, she was caught by Clarke Woodruff and he ordered them to cut off her ear. She was then required to wear a turban to cover the injury.


To take vengeance, Chloe added poison in Mrs. Woodruff and her children’s supper while Clarke Woodruff was away. The family died within a few days. Other workers were worried that the master would find out and harm them all, which is why they decided to take action and kill Chloe, cutting her into pieces and throwing her into a river.

The plantation was passed down through generations until it got to the Meyer’s family who decided to open it as a bed and breakfast place. From almost the first day, bizarre things began to take place in the house. Guests reported seeing paranormal sights, and hearing peculiar noises. In 1992, the owner even captured her within a picture. He was taking a picture of the property for insurance purposes. Three years later when a photographer used that picture as a post card cover and zoomed into it the shadow of a girl wearing a turban is evident in it.

Many say the story of Chloe is a hoax created to grab attention as Woodruff never had a slave girl named Chloe and the family succumbed to yellow fever. However, the truth is buried along with the people in this story.

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