Magical Charms

What are Magical Charms?

Magical charms don’t have to be complicated. There are simple and quick charms that can be prepared by using herbs, fruits, vegetables and various frequently used items. But, what are magical charms? A magical charm is basically a spell, magic formula or an incantation that can create a magical effect on something. Such spells can also be performed in some prayers or rituals in order to make something happen. This word is synonymously heard as spells or rituals. A magical charm is not necessarily something evil. It can be a lucky charm – an association with some object that brings luck into your life. You might have heard about charms in movies and books where witches used them to perform magic. A common word used in association with this is ‘hex’.

Following are some simple charms that can be used, but not for medical treatments.

  1. Laying thorny branches before your doorstep to keep away evil.
  2. In order to manifest money, keep cedar wood pieces in a box along with a few coins.
  3. Hang seaweed in your kitchen in order to keep away evil spirits.
  4. Dividing an apple into half and give the other half to your lover to build a healthy relationship.

Historical Examples

Magical charms are considered the simplest of all magic that is performed. The word ‘charm’ has originated from Latin, having the meaning of a song, incantation or a verse. A charm can be the small verbal ditty that you’ve seen people recite in movies or shows when performing a ritual. Many charms now consist of a verbal element and hold a spell energy. Following are some examples of charms from the historic times:

  1. During the Neolithic times, carrying trinkets, stones or bones for luck was a common practice done by hunters.
  2. Romans and Greeks used to wear lockets for the purpose of showing respect for Deities and in order to keep their loved ones close, they used to house things like snippets of a woman’s hair.
  3. Another example is from the medieval times when women used to send a ‘favour’ along with their husbands going to war. This favour was for protection and used as a symbol of devotion.

Thus, the intent of magical charms is to bring positivity into our lives. This can be in the form of health, happiness, good fortune or romance. Apart from this, magical charms can also be placed on objects, in order to bring in luck, or build a relationship or anything in particular. In general terms, a charm is usually believed to be something that will bring in luck and good fortune to the lives of people, or unity into a family.

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