Magical Words

Magical words are something we often hear in movies or novels. They’re powerful words which sometimes have a specific, strong and unintended impact. Magical words are words that are portrayed as being a part of some adamic, secret, divine or any other empowered language. They’re usually used by stage illusionists or in works of fantasy fiction. The biggest example of this can be the novel/movie “Harry Potter”, which is entirely based on magic. In this movie, we’ve seen a frequent use of such magic words including, Avada Kedavra, Reducto and more. Every word has a different impact on the things around you. We see particular heroes in comic books using magic words in order to activate their powers. Apart from this, magic words are also used to access a cheat or Easter egg in software, operating systems and computer games.

The Real Magic

Magic, sometimes referred to as close up magic, stage magic, or illusion, is an art in which magicians use tricks to entertain the audience by doing the unexpected. Magic is one of the arts that has been practiced since the oldest times. Nowadays, it has become a form of entertainment, known as the modern magic.

Use of Traditional Magical Words

Aajaye – This word was often used by clowns Jaye’s magic circus

Ajji Majji la Tarajji – A form of Iranian Magic

Hocus pocus – A common magic phrase used by magicians also heard in movies frequently.

Abracadabra – Another famous magical word which is used by magicians very frequently.

These are only few of the many magical words that exist.

Manners and Magical Words

Have you ever asked someone for a favour and heard them say “say the magic word”? What do they mean by that? Are they talking about the magical words mentioned above? No. The term magic words, is being used here to refer to words that portray manners or etiquette. Such words include: Please, Thank you, Sorry and more. These are words that strengthen bonds, pacify temper and make the other person feel important.

Technology and Magical Words

Magic words are also used in software like MediaWiki which require them to be used for making system information accessible to editors and templates such as {{CURRENTTIME}}.

Magic Numbers: These are referred to as Hexadecimal “words” that are required in byte code in order to identify a specific data format or a particular file.

The use of magic and magical words goes back to the 1300s where it was basically practiced by stage magicians in order to entertain a huge number of audiences. People were actually interested in such entertainment during that time period. Nowadays, such words or concepts are either linked to the supernatural or used in fantasy fiction novels or books.

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