Veritas (Roman Mythology)

According to Roman mythology, Veritas is the Goddess of Truth. She is the daughter of Saturn and Chronos, and the mother of Virtue. She was known to be elusive and is said to be in hiding at the bottom of a holy well. Her depiction includes being clad in white and signifying the naked truth by grasping a mirror in her hand.

Important Distinction

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Typically, Veritas in the moniker given to the Roman virtue of honesty and is meant to be one of the central traits of any Roman deity. It must be noted that the illustration of Veritas in Rome differs from the one in Greece. In the latter, Veritas is believed to be the offspring of Zeus.

Furthermore, in Greek mythology, the Goddess of Truth is called Aletheia. According to experts, this name translates to un-concealment, which is not exactly the same meaning as truth. Veritas is known for being just and righteous in Roman mythology.

There is plenty of overlap between Roman and Greek mythology for the simple reason that the former has borrowed extensively from Greek mythology. As a result, they share many Gods and deities, albeit with different names.


The terminology is derived from Latin and has been adopted as the motto of several heralded and high profile academic institutions around the world. This is because truth is an ideal that many strive towards and the Goddess is synonymous with characteristics such as kindness and beauty.

Some of the colleges and universities that have adopted the term include the prestigious Harvard University, Yale, John Hopkins University, Howard University, University of California (Hastings College of Law), Knox College and Drake University among others. These institutions have identified the quest for truth as a vital aspect of their educational and cultural objectives as well.

Moreover, the word has also been featured as part of a meaningful phrase in schools such as the Buckley School in New York, University of Indonesia, and The University of Cape Coast in Ghana and Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan as well.

Even the Naval Criminal Investigate Service, which is the United States’ Navy’s main counter intelligence and law enforcement agency, features the motto on its official seal. This shows how much the Goddess of Truth is revered and how her notion has resonated around the world.

The belief in truth is also known to be relevant in Christianity. In fact, the search for truth is considered directly relevant to Christ and his legion of followers. Devoted Christians adhere to the notion that all of God’s creation is filtered by the truth of Jesus Christ.

All in all, Veritas and the value she embodies has resonance not just in Roman mythology, but across many factions around the world.

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