How to use Crystals

Healing crystals have been applied since a millennium for various concerns. What we will discuss here is how they are used effectively.


There are innumerable healing crystals and stones available. What prospective users must identify before they move forward is what crystal they will use. Regardless of whichever stone you end up selecting, there are multiple ways healing crystals can be used.

For instance, users can simply wear healing crystals for it to work. Healing crystals have the propensity to absorb or repel energy which is why wearing them like a necklace or a pendant can do the trick.

They supplement and elevate your mind, body and spirit the same way a medicine or a vitamin would. If you cannot manage wearing stones, then you may as well put one in your pocket and go about your daily activities.

Alternatively, users may also meditate using healing crystals. Those who believe firmly in the potency of healing stones state that since some of these are actually thousands of years old, they accumulate information, which does not diminish with the passage of time. Therefore, if a person were to use these during meditation, they would be able to accept positive energy and insight intuitively.

The easiest way to employ healing crystals is to sleep near them. When a person is resting, the stones have the ability to connect with their subconscious mind and enable them to heal effectively. This process removes hurdles that the rational mind can develop. It can be executed by placing crystals on your bedside or beneath your pillow before you sleep.

Yet another method that can be utilised is to place healing crystals on a particular part of the body. By doing so, they can benefit from its direct application and allow it to heal them. For example, if you suffer from a burn or have a wound that is yet to heal, then you can put a quartz crystal on it and just let it work its magic.

Healing crystals do not have to stay on just one part of the body. Users can also move them around the body and take advantage. Those who have practiced this technique highly recommend that moving healing crystals around your body means its healing effect spreads to different parts.

Therefore, if you just fasten your grip on a specific stone and caress your body with it, the crystal will transmit its energy from your head to your toe and its energy field will extend to all the parts of the body that it covers.

Finally, one more method of applying healing crystals is to place them in another part of your home or in your car as well. These stones serve to protect and strengthen users. Hence, you can benefit by having them nearby whether you are reading a book at home or driving the kids around.

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