Crystal Healing

A sacred process that is making quite the comeback, crystal healing is a science or rather a pseudoscientific alternative form of medicine. Basically, the technique uses semiprecious stones for ameliorating the health and wellbeing of people.

Those who have acquired knowledge on this subject matter suggest that crystals like quartz, opals and amethyst can improve a person’s mental and physical health. It can elevate their body, mind and soul. It has also been said in the past that the technique exhibits healing powers which are transmitted to its recipients.

How it Works

Those who engage in crystal healing adhere to the notion that the whole universe is made up of energy. According to this notion, even something as trivial as furniture is comprised of vibrations of energy at its fundamental level.

Furthermore, scientists have deduced how to use the energy inherent in crystals. For instance, miniscule quartz crystals are used in wrist watches. Even the electrical components of the latest smartphones and laptops are comprised of quartz crystals. This shows that the energy of crystals is already being implemented in modern day technology.

Another common implementation of crystals is in medication. For example, several pharmaceutical companies use minerals that are obtained from healing crystals.

How they work is interesting as well. Similar to how magnets employ energy to either attract or repel, healing crystals use energy in the same fashion. The wisdom involved is that when you place healing crystals on certain parts of the body, your energy transcends, vibrates and transmits based on the properties of the crystal being used.

How the Healing Works

Healing crystals can be used to recuperate from everything from anxiety to migraines and many other concerns as well. All it takes is the appropriate stone and the right application. In principle, there are three main ways that healing crystals can be used.

The first one is called clearing. In this method, crystals essentially absorb negative energy from the body. In simpler words, crystal healing can ‘clear’ certain energy from the body.

The second method is called energising. This is fundamentally the opposite of clearing, since healing crystals exude energy and transmit this energy into the user’s body, mind or spirit respectively.

This is quite similar to how electricity works. It conducts and then translates this energy into an object. Likewise, healing crystals are able to harness energy from a quantum realm which it then transcends onto the person’s energy field. The entire process is innocuous and not detrimental at all.

The third and final type is called balancing. This method simply ensures that there is a symmetry of energy and the person undergoing crystal healing is able to restore balance to their minds, bodies and spirits. If a person senses that he is suffering from an imbalance of energy, he can be subjected to healing crystals to improve his condition.

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