The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch or Bell Witch Hunting is one of the most famous and commonly presented folklore in Southern America. Since the 20th century it has continued to be one of the biggest sources of interest and belief for many.

Who Was The Bell Witch?

It was the Bell Family who first witnessed The Witch which is why it was named The Bell Witch. According to the family, they encountered an invisible entity with supernatural powers to speak, influence the environment, and shapeshift. It was a horrible incident and the entire local area was affected.

Over the years, people have continued to hear haunting voices and other evidence of a paranormal presence making The Bell Witch one of the most scariest of folklore in Southern America.


Since the 19th century to date, multiple people have reported similar types of incidents and observations.

In 1937 Louis Garrison, a farmer, reported hearing unexplained noises coming from inside the Bell Witch Cave.

A nearby gas station owner H. C. Sanders reported hearing a strange voice when he ran out of gas and started to follow a rabbit while he was returning home. A strange voice came from the rabbit who said “Hell of a race we had there, wasn’t it?”.

According to most writers and historians, the Bell Witch Cave has continued to mystify the local people for centuries.

Modern Day Media and the Bell Witch

From 1999 to 2013, multiple movies included the character of the Bell Witch. Some of these took it as a secondary character but in most of them, the core surrounds the Bell Witch. It is also notable that all of the movies made with respect to the Bell Witch were categorized under supernatural horror genre.

Moving on from movies, the Bell Witch has been pretty famous on the television as well. The most famous series were Ghost Adventures, and Cursed: The Bell Witch.

In addition to that, Bell Witch became part of several cartoons and comics. Children from all over the world still take an immense interest in the role of the Bell Witch.

Concluding the Mystery

The interest surrounding the Bell Witch is made up from vague stories with falsified facts and content. But on the other hand, Bell Witch has continued to indulge the audience with an ever-rising level of curiosity to explore. Whether it is true or not depends on your point of view.

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