Documented Modern Day Miracles

Have you ever thought, ‘It’s a miracle!’ when you passed that test you really thought you would fail? The definition of a miracle is the occurrence of an event with no rational explanation behind it. In today’s world, many people have turned to science to explain confusing or shocking happenings, even for phenomenons that were deemed as miracles in the past. However, there are such events that took place quite recently that cannot be explained. Here are some documented modern-day miracles.

Living Dead Girl

In 2014, a woman named Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro had a baby through C-section. However, right after, she developed an amniotic fluid embolism, which caused her to go unconscious. Amniotic fluid embolisms are very rare and usually fatal. Doctors did everything they could for three hours after she had fallen unconscious to get her back. She went 45 minutes without a pulse, after which the doctors have prepared her family members to say their last goodbyes to her. But, right as they were going to declare her time of death, they got a pulse. This is what Boca Raton Regional Hospital spokesman Thomas Chakurda said about the whole scenario, “She spontaneously resuscitated. We had brought the family in. We had announced to them that we had done all we could.” The doctors at the hospital are terming this whole event as a miracle. She survived after being properly dead for over 45 minutes and amazingly did not suffer from any sort of neurological deficits.

The Guiding Voice

Cops actually discovered an 18-month-old baby girl in an overturned car in one of the rivers of Utah back in 2015. However, the way that they found her was astounding. In March of 2015, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, who was 25, accidentally plunged into the Spanish Ford River with her daughter, Lily in the backseat. The water was freezing cold, and it has been estimated that when the cops and firefighters had approached the car, they had been there for over 12 hours. Tyler Beddoes, one of the first responders reported having heard someone say, ‘Help me!’ from inside that car. Other responders agreed and said they all heard this clear, grown-up voice screaming help me from the car. The crazy part was that it seemed like no one was alive but the voice had instructed the police and firemen to lift the car. It seemed that the mother, Lynn, was killed on impact, so the voice could not have been hers. The crew could not stay in the water for long periods of time, it was that cold. Finally, a firefighter got the infant free and she was then taken to shore. After 14 hours in the freezing cold, with no water or food and thin clothing, the rescuers have no idea how the baby survived. The baby fully recovered, and since then this whole event has been called a miracle.

These are just two of the documented modern-day miracles out of the hundreds that have taken place during these modern times.

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