The Book of Revelation – Symbolism

We have discussed how the language and visions present in the book may instigate fear into some, which is perhaps the very reason why it was referred to as a very misunderstood book. The Book of Revelation speaks mostly about the visions in a very symbolic description whether discussing upcoming events or be it about a person. The language of the book, just like the extensive presence of symbology needed to match the theme, and thus the linguistics were also written in a rather allegorical manner. The main idea behind this book is to bring forth the covenant of God through the prophesized scriptures.

This book by John is called the Book of Revelation due to the very fact that most of its content consists of inevitable prophecies, hence it only seemed befitting for the book to be considered a Revelation from the Almighty.

As mentioned last week, we shall look deeper into understanding how symbols are present in the book and why they are needed in the Divine Scripture in the first place.

Symbols and the meanings

Beginning from the bizarrely repulsive description of Jesus Christ, the book also speaks about women in a very unrealistic manner. Christ was defined as a lamb having about seven eyes and seven horns in Rev 5:6. The idea was that, just like in dreams everything that we see is symbolic, the seven eyes and seven horns have deep connotations behind it. Seven being God’s number, thus a divine association of the number with Jesus Christ. Considering how the universe as well as man is somehow allotted the number seven to its making. The Seven Princes of Hell, the seven heavens, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven days of a week, seven senses, the seven layers of skin and this can go on.

Now that we understand the importance of the number seven in the divine order, know that in this text seven was used for representing ‘universal’. Let’s understand why Christ was referred to as a Lamb? And why seven horns and seven eyes? Lamb is the sign of innocence, purity and gentleness. Judging from the events to follow, its reference to Christ also means both triumph as well as suffering. Whereas the horns represent power and wisdom, like a divine crown of universal power and wisdom placed naturally on one’s head. Eyes, however, stand for knowledge. Thus, putting it together it represents ‘universal knowledge’.

Universe’s Encoded Messages

One might find themselves thinking what is the reason behind such encodings, when this could have been written in a more self-explanatory manner? Here’s what one needs to understand. God speaks through the language of the universe. The signs from the universe are nothing vague or coincidental but Him speaking directly to you. But due to the fact that we in our minuscule form, the human version, are not able to decipher if God was to speak directly to us, so He speaks through symbols and numbers. Just like a child regardless of all its intellect, this human miracle is born with, doesn’t always understand what an elder has to say to them. In order to fully comprehend, the child needs to go through certain experiences to grow and evolve intellectually. This same phenomena is applied to us humans through divine messages. It’s the different level of intellect that makes it sound obscure and thus intimidating. If you actually think of it, in order for one’s intellect to grow, one has to put work into understanding these encodings and symbols, everything else in the universe will then begin to make sense.

Thus, we now understand that the context of the Book of Revelations is much more deeper than just the concept of God putting fear and wrath upon the world.

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