Methods of Divination

Divination is a way for people to tell the future using knowledge and signs from divine forces. Oftentimes, practitioners of divination interpret objects, hidden geometrical patterns, and signs in order to foretell the future. Those hungry for knowledge about the fate of the world and individuals practice methods of divination. Here are some of the most prominent ancient methods of divination that some people still follow today.


Tarot card readings are as popular now as they were centuries ago. The exact origination of tarot cards is unknown, but approximately more than 7,000 different kinds of tarot card decks have been produced to date. The eschatological code, however, is consistent in all the decks, however, the reader may find it difficult to understand at times as well. Cartomancy, under which tarot card readings can be categorized, is a divination method which involves making the possible and current connections visible to the individual.


The popular and ancient divination technique of tasseography involves interpreting the patterns of wine sediments, tea leaves, and coffee grounds. The use of tea leaves is the most common method and the interpretation of the forms found all depends on the symbolism of the figure. For example, the figure of a mountain may indicate that there are many obstacles and hurdles yet to come, whereas a fish may be a sign of good luck.

Geomancy and Lithomancy

Geomancy is interpreting shapes found in sand whereas lithomancy is using the same technique with stones. Both of them are beautiful techniques and were frequently used in parts of the ancient Muslim East. Those who use the geomancy method read the residues that are present within the strata of the sand. The aura and energy of the earth work to show signs to those willing to see. This technique usually requires either throwing sand on a special board or can be attempted by throwing sand randomly in the desert. The reader must be able to decode geometric figures made and found through lithomancy and geomancy.


Most of us have seen people using depictions of mirrors and crystal balls to tell the future. Well, that depiction comes from the ancient divination technique called scry. The method of scrying was used throughout all kinds of ancient civilizations and was even adopted into reading water reflections to foretell fate. Ancient Egyptians used ink to scry, whereas ancient Mesopotamians used oil. In Ancient Greece, reflections made by metals and mirrors were interpreted. Aztec tlatoani practiced scry using reflections made by Obsidian. Scrying was adapted according to the times, and thus the reading of crystals and the healing powers that are associated with crystal led to the reference of future-telling crystal balls.

Reading Grains Of Corn

During prehispanic times, the concept of divination was very advanced and used quite commonly. One of the most widely used techniques of divination was using grains of corn to understand the time and predict the life of crops. The technique is similar to geomancy; the grains of corn get thrown onto a white canvas, water, or any surface. Their positioning and floating are what gives people the answers they are looking for.

These ancient techniques of divination are just a few methods which may have inspired the techniques used for divination purposes today.

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