Saint Michael the Archangel

We all may have someone in our lives who we see as our guardian angel. However, the guardian angels proclaimed in most religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam are believed to be divine creatures, using their powers for the good of humanity and to fight evil. Saint Michael the Archangel was not a human being or an earthly creature, but was still declared to be a saint in honour of the work he did to help the people of Earth. The meaning of the name Michael is, ‘Who is Like God.’ Saint Michael the Archangel is called, ‘the great prince,’ and ‘one of the chief princes,’ in the book of Daniel and is considered to be the leading archangel.

Who is Saint Michael the Archangel?

Saint Michael is referenced in the Bible 5 times by name. He is known to serve those who are suffering from sickness, and is also patron saint for those who endanger themselves to help save other people, such as paramedics, police officers, military personnel, etc. Saint Michael is also the leader of the other angels such as Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. He works on missions to fight against sinister forces and to restore the faith of God in people.

His Main Responsibilities and Roles

Saint Michael the Archangel is seen as having four main roles in Catholicism:

  1. ‘The Enemy Of Satan And The Fallen Angels’ – Saint Michael defeated Satan at the time he was kicked out of heaven, and will beat the anti-Christ and the The First Beast by hurling them into the fires for all of eternity.
  2. ‘Christian Angel of Death’ – Saint Michael is the angel present at the time of death. It is presumed that he offers the souls one chance of redemption before worldly death. Saint Michael assists those who are dying and accompanies them to their judgement, acting as an advocate.
  3. ‘Weighing souls’ – In the depictions of Saint Michael, he can oftentimes be found holding a scale to weigh souls for Judgement Day.
  4. ‘Guardian of the Church’ – Saint Michael is looked upon as prince protector by the Jewish, and this tradition is also embraced by the Church. Saint Michael is the guardian angel of all Christians and the Church.

Elements of Saint Michael

Saint Michael is often the representation of the element of fire. The fire can be representative of the spark Saint Michael lights in people to encourage knowledge about spiritual truth and to strengthen their relationship with God. Saint Michael also burns sins from people’s lives while protecting them, to help them at time of redemption. And he helps to light a fire within people to love God and to be passionate and fearless in life.

Saint Michael in Art

Saint Michael the Archangel was painted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling holding a book in each hand. The smaller book indicated a compilation of all the names of people who will be sent to heaven and the larger book contains the names of those who will be sent to hell. He is featured in many religious paintings by famous painters and there are also statues depicting him in Rome, Germany and Paris.

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