Occult influences on Hitler

While Adolf Hitler was planning the largest race purification movement in recent history, his cohorts and close associates were making their own plans and using their occult religious ideas to justify their actions.

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Heinrich Himmler was Adolf’s second in command and led the infamous SS in their quest for racial purity. He was also a mighty influence in Hitler’s life. Hitler looked up to Himmler, especially admiring Himmler’s participation in WWI, so it should come as no surprise that Hitler would at the very least be perceived as having similar interests as his close confidant.

But Himmler wasn’t the only occult presence in Hitler’s life. Dietrich Eckhart was even more so an influence on the young Adolf, even before the development of the Nazi party. Eckhart met Hitler when Hitler spoke at a DAP meeting, the DAP would later involve into the NSDAP, better known as the Nazi movement.

Not only was Eckhart one of the founders of the DAP, but he was also involved with the Thule Society, a loosely organized group of occultists. The Thule Society had a notion that Germany would soon have a messiah, someone to cleanse the country and raise it up after its less than glorious defeat in WWI. After watching the young Hitler speak in 1919, Eckhart was convinced that he had seen the German savior and began to invest his knowledge into Adolf Hitler.

Eckhart spent countless hours and days dedicated to the tutoring of Hitler. Adolf and Dietrich’s conversations and expressed ideas would become the basis for the Nazi party believe system. Eckhart died not long after, in December of 1923, but it is clear the influence he left on Hitler, as the second edition of Mein Kampf was dedicated to Eckhart.

While Hitler may have tried to hide his fascination with the occult, rumors abounded. Most of the claims surrounding Hitler’s association have never been infallibly proven, but there are so many rumors that we must wonder how someone could have been painted so without anyone having solid proof.

Some claim that Hitler was possessed; August Kubizek, a close friend of Hitler’s since childhood even alluding to a remark Hitler made and his claim that it sounded as if some other voice had spoken from Adolf’s mouth.

The way he was able to capture the attention of any audience was sometimes thought to be the work of possession as well, some dark gift from a dark lord. The other side of that coin is a rumor that he spent some time studying with Erik Jan Hanussen, a clairvoyant performer who supposedly taught Hitler things to do with “occult techniques of mind control and crowd domination”.

Among Hitler’s private book collection was said to be a book titled Magic: History, Theory, and Practice, containing many pages which had been notated on by Hitler himself. The man who wrote this book, Ernst Schertel, was also purportedly involved with the occult. Hitler’s copy of the book was ostensibly sent from and dedicated by the author directly to Adolf.

So many of the rumors surrounding Hitler’s power revolve around the occult. But it seems from the historical studies that there isn’t much solid evidence to back up any of the claims made on the Fuhrer’s religious beliefs or lack thereof.

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