A Little Town Called Mercy

Hi Everyone! So, as you may have seen I have a new novel called A Little Town called Mercy due to be released for Halloween. This is an add on to the Guardians Series 1 and is a collection of three short(ish) stories. Why you ask? When the first series had come to the conclusion of its story arc?

Well that’s a good question. It’s true I originally envisaged the first series being five books instead of six and the main story concludes with Olivia finding the book. However, the story is no where near done, by the time I’m finished the entire Guardians series will span at least six series and with this in mind I have created lots of new and recurring characters sometimes with complex back stories of their own.

Daughter of Fire came about because when I concluded book 5 with Olivia finding Infernum I needed her to still be pregnant. There wasn’t any room in the story for her to give birth and when I pick up book 1 of the second series the children have already been born but looking at it from a reader’s point of view I would’ve wanted to know what happens when she has the babies. I also brought Marguerite (the Crossroad keeper) back into it, as she will be bouncing in and out of the other series as a recurring character.

The Salted Bone is a story that’s been in the back of my mind for the last couple of novels, ever since The Ferryman if I’m honest. When Miller was born prematurely in the middle of a supernatural event and brought back to life by the Goddess Diana I knew he had a massive part to play in the story later on. Which brings me to Jackson, the owner of the Salted Bone pub and Miller’s adopted father. He has his own story with Shelley, but it didn’t fit into the main novels without diluting the main plot too much and there wasn’t enough story to give him his own novel. The Salted Bone was the perfect way to tell their story and set up Miller for his destiny in later books.

Storyteller! This is a story I have been itching to tell ever since the idea popped into my head about a year and a half ago. It has been so much fun to write! Jake always makes me laugh with his sense of humor and Roni has really blossomed since she first arrived in The Ferryman as slightly nerdy, accident prone replacement for the old curator of the Museum. For someone I’d never intended to have in the story to start with she just showed up, set up camp and refused to leave. Now she is an integral part of the story, she has a connection to the Goddess Calypso but I’m not sure what it is, she hasn’t told me yet! 

I find that quite often with my characters, they take on a life of their own. It’s almost like they sit around in a green room somewhere drinking cups of tea and waiting for their turn to show up. Sometimes they’re incredibly vocal about where they want me to take their story arc.

Anyway, Storyteller, this is just a taster of this particular story. I introduce the character of the Storyteller, a supernatural creature who has the ability to make fantasy become reality or to trap you in a story. I am absolutely in love with this character and they will be making more appearances as another recurring magical character and will probably get their own spin off novel, like Marguerite in my Guardians Origins Series (more on this later).

These three stories are a bridge between the end of series 1 and the beginning of series 2 I tie up a few loose ends and introduce new characters and ideas ready for the next series, such as the mysterious figure in Daughter of Fire who has ties to the Veritas and Theo.

Although it may have seemed like I randomly tacked three extra stories onto the end of the series, they do serve a purpose and need to be read in chronological order which is why is seemed sensible to group them together and place them in the right order with the rest of the books.

I hope you enjoy this little insight into some of the other characters. There are lots of little things buried in these stories that might not seem relevant but only time will reveal their significance in the Mercyverse. If you want to know more about the characters, the Mercyverse and the Guardians series, make sure you come and join us in the Guardians Readers Hub on Facebook or check out my website for Character bio’s! Enjoy!


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