Magic and Nature – Invoking the Spirits

Natural magic also includes another aspect, which is based on the belief that each plant, animal, rock and other natural object has a spirit. These nature spirits are also referred to as Consciousness Resonance Matrix, and can join together to create a hive mind. The spirits of nature are less abstract and controllable than the elementals used in other magic, but possess high levels of intelligence and psychic abilities. Once invoked correctly they can be powerful allies. An important part of the training for natural magicians is to sense these spirits, and their willingness to form a relationship and take part in rituals.

Nature spirits can contribute incredible amounts of power into any ritual being performed, and it is often recommend to allow them to determine the way in which the magic should be channeled. Physical manifestations produced by nature spirits can delight and surprise humans. Many ritual performers have witnessed birds, and other animals, joining in with chants and moving around in areas where the energy is being raised. There have also been reported incidents of the weather being different from other nearby places to make it harmonious for the ritual, such as a clear area in an otherwise rainy atmosphere.

Working with nature spirits creates a deeper connection with other aspects of nature, and helps people achieve new levels of tuning into the Universe. Success with spells that invoke nature spirits often results in subtle changes in consciousness that have a lasting effect. When first connecting with the spirits, it is important to approach them as equals and with the utmost respect. The areas in which rituals are going to be performed should be ‘power spots,’ where there are many spirits that are willing to take part. These places will always have good feeling, powerful energy fields.

Spirits should never be approached disrespectfully, or in a commanding manner. The same level of respect a magician has for nature should be shown to its spirits. Inappropriate methods of communication may cause the spirits to attack or flee. When nature spirits aren’t in agreement with a ritual, the immediate area becomes quiet. There have also been reports of bees, or other insects, attacking practitioners when the spirits are not in harmony with their actions. 

Once a ‘power spot’ has been located, permission to enter should be granted by the residing spiritual forces. Magicians need to prepare themselves, the nature spirits and the area for the ritual. This can be done by meditating and ‘feeling’ the earth for a few hours, or days, before it is scheduled. Many magicians also use musical instruments to connect with the spirits, by playing in harmony with natural sounds. Gratitude should always be expressed upon the completion of any ritual, so that the spirits will be willing to help in future, and tokens of appreciation may be given depending on the particular ritual and spirits. 

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