Magic and Nature

Western magic has two distinct divisions: ritual and natural magic. Less controversial than ritual magic, natural magic has been openly practised during times when witches were being excessively persecuted. One form of natural magic is based on the magical power of physical substances, such as herbs, metals, stones, perfumes and resins. This a demonstration of the Hermetic axiom ‘As above, so below,’ meaning that every object in the material world is a reflection of spiritual, or astrological, forces. The philosophies associated with the practise of natural magic are closely related to astrology.

Those who practise magic recognise the gifts that are in abundance on Earth, and the power that is being generated on an ongoing basis. Natural magicians are skilled at using material reflections to harvest and disperse these magical powers, at the higher levels of being. They do this by infusing objects, with the properties of heavenly bodies, most frequently the sun and the moon.

The belief that natural objects, such as rocks, plants and animals bones, are connected to the human experience is also a part of natural magic. Examples of these include: sage being connected to wisdom and purification, rose quartz as the stone of the heart and love, and oak is attributed to strength and sturdiness. This form of natural magic is also called sympathetic magic, and rituals are normally performed without prayers or invoking deities, as the magical attributes of the items are expected to power the spell.

Magicians have been tapping into the power of the Universe for centuries, using natural magic, which relies on the energy of all living beings. They learn how nature connects lifeforms and uses this to their advantage. While scientists often tap into, or mimic, the power of nature to create technological devices, magicians familiarise themselves with the secrets of nature. In ancient cultures, healers, priests and other well respected community members were trained in astrology, and the divine knowledge of the Earth.

Many natural magicians learn to control a specific aspect of nature, such as mastering the power of lightening. They are able to harvest, and channel the energy that is released prior to the discharge of a large bolt. This energy can then be used to make or break spells, create illusions and to heal others. Healers are considered one of the most powerful practitioners of natural magic. They understand the cycles of nature, and use them to create a more healing atmosphere. The elements are also connected to natural objects and can affect the well-being of humans. Tattvic Tides (present in the morning) are a representation of the elements of earth or water, and during their rule people with breathing problems suffer the most. After noon, when the tides have changed and the element of air has taken over they can breathe easier. Healers observe cycles like these, and administer their treatments accordingly.

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