Modern Cases of Witchcraft – A Ritual to Influence Politics

Witchcraft is an art form that is practised in different ways, and can be used to accomplish a large variety of things. Many people perform it for religious reasons and, throughout the years, rituals have been kept secret. We are now living in an age where most things are influenced by technology and witchcraft is no exception. Wicca, a religion which is based on a connection with nature and incorporates rituals, can now be learnt online. The Wiccan community continues to expand on the internet, and many witches connect with others to perform rituals together over long distances.

Image: BuzzFeed reporter Julia Reinstein

Included in these long distance rituals, is one that the Wiccan community considers very important. Once a month, during the waning moon, a group of hedge witches meet online and perform a spell to ‘bind’ one of the world’s currently most influential leaders, Donald Trump. Consisting of at least 13,000 people, which include those dedicated to quasi-religious rituals and other activists, the group is collectively known as #MagicResistance. The members all perform the ritual in a way that is meaningful to them, which includes: casting the spell solo and sharing pictures of private altars through social media, performing the ritual with a coven and even chanting at Trump’s public events.


A traditional ‘binding’ spell is meant to restrict another’s actions, by channeling energy. The group’s aim is for Trump to be ‘unable to do harm/fail utterly.’ Casting a spell as a form of political protest is unusual, but many people are supportive of the way it encourages religious expression. It also allows those who desire to remain anonymous, as many Wiccan practitioners are still ‘in the broom closet,’ because of discrimination. The originators of the ritual believe in its capability to change both politics, and the negative association many people have with witchcraft.

The spell requires a few basic items such as: a black candle, a white candle and a shorter orange candle (to represent Trump), which many people replace with baby carrots or even Cheetos. Modifications are encouraged as it is important to ensure that the spell’s ‘ingredients’ have meaning to the person casting it. Many of the spell casters add personal concerns to their requests, such as protection for the ‘wild places,’ which many feel may be affected by the president’s environmental policies. Even though most people will question how effective the spell may be, the sense of community it creates and the power of the positive energy associated with it is always a beacon of hope for the monthly performers.

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