The Book of Mirrors – A Wicca Journal

In the Wicca religion, a Book of Shadows is used to record spells, rituals and information about the religion and its magick. To complement their BOS, many Wiccan practitioners keep a Book of Mirrors, which can be described as a personal journal. In the BOM, they record their ideas relating to the religion such as inner musings, feelings, concerns, dreams, and hopes. This information is an expression of the person’s spiritual journey, and the impact that rituals and observations may have on it. These are all key components of Wicca, and the act of writing thoughts and feelings is another way in which to connect with oneself and boost the spiritual development. There is no specific book that is required to be used as a Book of Mirrors, but most Wiccans prefer to use sturdy, long-lasting journals which can be reviewed for many years.

Another important part of Wicca, is recording dreams, and many practitioners do this in their Book of Mirrors. They can reflect upon them whenever necessary, often noticing patterns to their dreams, which may be significant within their daily lives. Many people on a spiritual journey have prophetic dreams, but may not notice this unless a pattern has been recorded. Psychic, or spiritual, experiences which occur in other ways should also be recorded to ensure that they are recognised when they happen again.

Another reason why a BOM is important is because many Wiccans may find it difficult to remember their spiritual journey, as it is constantly evolving. It often helps to record the way in which intuition is developing, the changes in emotions relative to spells and rituals, as well as the evolution of personal relationships to note the progress which has been made. A metaphysical journey has many components, which the Book of Mirrors is often geared towards bringing together.

The content of a Book of Mirrors is significantly more private than a Book of Spells. Many Wiccans will share their BOS, as others learn from the way in which spells have been performed. The emotions associated with the rituals are more private, however, and most practitioners prefer to keep these to themselves. Wicca is a peaceful religion and, even though those that practice it are not devoid of negative emotions, these should not be recorded in the BOM as it better to move away from these thoughts instead of having a constant reminder of them.

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