Do Angels Watch Over Us?

The belief in guardian angels as our divine protectors is widespread, and extends over many religions and spiritual practices. The difference between guardian angels and other angels is that guardians are focused only on the person they are assigned to protect. Many individuals even believe that there may be more than one guardian angel for each of us. They manifest in different ways in our life, but most people agree that their main job is our protection. This means that, in many instances, they prevent ‘bad’ things from happening to us. A popular theory is that one of the reasons why other unwanted events happen in our lives is to prepare us for other things that are going to happen in our future.

Our guardian angels are alleged to be highly evolved, spiritual beings that have never been in human form. Our human limitations make it hard for us to directly experience the divine energy from our Source, and our guardian angels act as messengers between us and God. In addition to the roles they play as protectors and messengers, they are also responsible for teaching us about and strengthening our connection to the divine. Our busy lifestyles make it hard for many of us to read the signs that they are giving. This causes us to lose our way, and often times experience unnecessary hurt and anguish. To connect with our guardians, quieting the mind and focusing on the spirit should be practiced regularly.

As our constant companions on Earth, guardian angels inspire and help us achieve our highest goals. They do this by revealing the truth in certain situations to us, healing, answering our prayers and helping us to transition to the spiritual world at the moment of death. Even though providing us with divine guidance, they respect our free will and step back when we indicate that we would rather go through an experience in our chosen way. Asking our guardian angels for help when we need it, and paying attention to their instructions when they have provided them will help us get through stressful periods in our life.

We communicate with our guardian angels through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. They love us unconditionally, and have no expectations, but guide us through experiences and situations. Even though they are always with us, we may not be aware of them. Conscious awareness of these beings of unconditional love brings about feelings of peace, safety, compassion and clarity. Guardian angels understand everything about us but respect our free will to choose. They will only take complete control in a threatening situation. We can strengthen the connection with our guardian angels by asking them for help, handing everything over to them, expressing our appreciation and enjoying each moment that exists knowing that they are here to guide us and everything will be alright.

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