An Unexplained Phenomenon – Strange Connections between Twins

Many twins experience connections that may cause them to feel their twin’s pain, or know when the other is extremely happy or sad. There are several situations that go much deeper than these, and the connections can sometimes even seem to be a bit creepy. These include:

  1. Simultaneous Insanity

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were born in Sweden, but both had migrated to separate countries and were living with their respective families. One of Ursula’s visits to her sister in Ireland prompted a morbid, baffling series of events.

During the visit, the women boarded a bus to London, without telling anybody where they were going. The twins were so disruptive on the journey, that the driver stopped on the highway to let them out. The sisters began to walk in the middle of the highway, paying no attention to the speeding traffic that surrounded them. Their walk took them unto the set of a real life police programme, and their strange interaction with the cops was subsequently caught on film.

To the shock of the officers, while they were conversing with the sisters, Ursula spontaneously sprinted into the road. She was directly in the path of the wheels of a truck, and sustained multiple injuries including breaking both her legs. Within seconds, Sabina had also run into moving traffic, getting hit by a car. Despite the accident, she began attacking officers and could only be restrained when six of them joined forces. Ursula, with her broken legs, was also screaming angrily at the police. Sabina was locked up, but released the next day, facilitating her killing a man that had offered her a room and attempting to throw herself from a 40-foot bridge. She miraculously survived, and was tried for murder.

Sabina was sentenced to only five years imprisonment, as lawyers were able to prove that she had been temporarily insane when the murders had been committed. Neither sister had taken any drugs or alcohol, nor had a history of mental illness. Psychologists have theorised that Sabina had become temporarily insane and, because of the strength of their bond, Ursula was also affected. Both women have since been tested and declared sane.

  1. Similar Lives in Separate Places

It has been suggested that similarities in twins occur because they live in the same environment and are raised in the same way. The story of James…and James…proves that this is definitely not so.

James Edward Lewis had been adopted as a baby. When he grew up, James married a woman named Linda. He then divorced her and married another named Betty. He and Betty had a son whom they called James Alan. Separated from his twin at birth, Lewis met him for the first time when the brothers were in their 30s. His twin, James Arthur Springer, had also married a woman named Linda. Had also gotten divorced and has also remarried a woman named Betty. When they had a son, he was also called James Allan (spelt slightly differently).

The similarities between the two men, that had never met each other before, did not stop there. They both worked in law enforcement, both like Math and Carpentry in school and hated Spelling, both got headaches at the same time of the day and both had dogs named Toy as children.

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