Natural Elements – Fire’s Magical Abilities

From a spiritual aspect, fire represents passions and compulsions, zeal and creativity, desire and courage as well as lust and fertility. It is symbolic of the divine fire that burns within our soul. Like the other elements, fire has both a physical and spiritual form. Its magical application requires moderation and control, because if improperly applied it will cause the individual to burn out. Its properties cause individuals with high fire energy to be bold, dramatic and passionate.

Fire can be an incredibly destructive element, and fire magic is used to destroy the old and create the new. When using one of nature’s elements in spells, different conditions must be met to create the perfect ritual. Spells that involve the use of fire are most powerful when conducted at noon, during the moon’s second quarter. Several types of fire magic can be applied, including:

Bonfire Magic – Spells done using a bonfire usually involve the burning of an item. This can range from flowers and herbs, to pieces of parchment upon which a desire has been written. Bonfire spells are normally aimed at banishing or destroying negative energies.

Candle Magic – Modern magical rituals often involve the use of candles, and are performed to manifest a specific desire. The colour of the candle will be chosen based on the wish that is to be fulfilled. One candle can be used or a combination, and may be burnt for a brief period or up to seven days. This is determined by the strength and purpose of the spell.

Sun Magic – Spells that harness the sun’s energy are normally aimed towards creating new beginnings. These can be for a new love interest, better health, a desired job opportunity or changing home. They are also used to awaken magical powers in an individual, and to aid in attraction.

Spells that involve the elementals’ energy often use both crystals and plants to boost their power. Crystals associated with the fire element are amber, carnelian, tiger’s eye, garnet, fire opal and bloodstone. Plants used with the element include sunflower, basil, juniper, ginger, garlic and thistle. The planet of passions, Venus, rules the fire element and spells which incorporate it are used for personal power, ingenuity and manifesting will. Since fire is an active energy, it is home to beings called Salamanders that dance joyfully within it until the source burns itself out.

One of the most prolific magical uses of fire is in divination. Pyromancy is believed to be one of the oldest ways in which people would see the future. Oracles would build sacred fires, and make observations based on the patterns seen in the smoke it emitted. They would throw things, including salt, plants, turtle shells and straws, unto the flames to receive answers to specific questions. Other features, such as the way in which the fire crackled, a smokeless fire and the number of flames that peaked during its ignition each had a different meaning. 

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