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Infernum, the Hell book. There have been whispers of it down through the centuries. The most powerful book to have ever existed, so powerful wars have been fought over it, families torn apart and betrayed for it, souls have been lost to it and countless rivers of blood have been spilled for it. It is said whoever possesses it will have limitless power. The humans want it, so do the demons and every supernatural creature in between.

When Olivia finally returns to her hometown of Mercy with her husband Theo, the relief is short lived. Her mother and the demon Nathaniel have also returned and they are under the disturbing impression she knows where the Hell book is and they’re not the only ones.

With supernatural creatures pouring into Mercy at an alarming rate in a desperate attempt to gain possession of the lost book, they head straight for Olivia. With Theo and her friends trying desperately to protect her, she knows she has run out of time.

Infernum is awake now, she can hear it whispering to her. It wants to be found and when an old friend she thought was long dead arrives in town Olivia realizes, in order to stop her mother and Nathaniel before they can use her to get their hands on the book, she must summon the most ancient and dangerous fire of all, demon fire.

If she doesn’t they will fail, hell will be unleashed on earth and Mercy will be the gateway, but with everything hanging in the balance can she really risk her life and the life of her unborn child or this time, is the price just too damn high.

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Published by

Wendy Saunders - Author

I am a romantic suspense author based in Hampshire in the UK

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