Mythological Mystique – More Magical Items of the Ancient Greeks

Following on from a blog post two weeks ago, here are some more magical items of the Ancient Greeks.

shutterstock_217872331The Necklace of Harmonia – As the love child of Aphrodite and Ares, Harmonia was cursed even before her birth by Hephaestus, Aphrodite’s husband. One of the most skilled blacksmiths in Greek mythology, he designed a necklace exclusively for the girl. The Necklace of Harmonia was beautifully wrought and had the ability to provide the wearer with eternal youth. Unfortunately, this would be an eternity of torture as it was also designed to bring ill fortune to anybody wearing it.

The necklace had the shape of two serpents forming a clasp with their open mouths, and was made from the purest gold. Harmonia and her husband suffered the unfortunate fate of being turned into snakes, and the cursed item was then passed on. Everybody who received it also suffered great misfortune, including Queen Jacosta who unknowingly married her son Oedipus, and committed suicide after the truth was revealed. Oedipus also spent many years in suffering, after blinding himself because of his atrocities.  

The Golden Fleece – After the golden hair winged ram was sacrificed by the king Aietes, it became the constellation Aries and its fleece retained many of the ram’s powers. The golden fleece is known for its healing ability as well as possessing the power to restore objects’ natural beauty and give the wearer an energy boost. 

Apollo’s Bow – Another of the items made by Hephaestus, Apollo was given this bow as a youth to protect his mother. The bow’s main purpose is as a traditional weapon, but it is also capable of causing either health or famine, and has been described as ‘tearing life away like the harsh rays of the sun.’ 

Caduceus – A staff entwined with two serpents is today a popular image in the medical field. This originated from a staff carried by the god Hermes called ‘The Caduceus’ or the ‘Staff of Healing.’

shutterstock_459127336Cornucopia – This item was also known as ‘The Horn of the River God,’ Achelous, and its magical ability was to provide an unending supply of nourishment. Its name originates from Latin and means horn of plenty, and the cornucopia has become a worldwide symbol of abundance and prosperity. 

Eros’ Bow – Eros was a troublesome god and, to match his personality, he had a bow which generated arrows that were able to cause the target to either hate or love the first person that they saw after being hit. This caused both unnecessary conflict and illicit relationships on numerous occasions, much to Eros’ amusement. 

The Argo – This vessel which transported the heroes, Jason and the Argonauts, was a magical ship and able to speak because Athena had fitted a talking timber at its prow. This proved to be very helpful to those on the ship, as it could help in its own navigation as well as warn the crew of any possible danger.

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