Guardians Box Set only 99c for the Holidays!



I hope you’re all nearly ready for Christmas? It’s been a great year for the Guardians series and book 5 (Infernum) is set for release around February/March. So, my gift to you this holiday season is the box set containing the first three books for the crazy price of just 99c!


Book 1: Mercy

Mercy is a sleepy town in Massachusetts. According to the locals it was founded as a safe haven by the survivors of the Salem witch trials. Olivia West hadn’t set foot in Mercy since the night her Father murdered her mother and had no intention of ever returning despite being a direct descendant of one of the original founders, but when she unexpectedly inherits a house by the lake she finds she has no choice.

When the bodies of missing residents are discovered in the woods near her house, it becomes clear there’s a killer on the loose who seems to have taken an unhealthy interest in Olivia. What is even more disturbing is that each victim is marked with some kind of supernatural brand. To make matters worse it appears that the murders are almost identical to a spate of killings twenty years earlier which mysteriously stopped after her father’s arrest.

Theodore Beckett is a young witch finder from seventeenth century Salem who has been hiding a huge secret from his strict puritan family. He has dreams, strange visions which have an alarming tendency to come true. But when he finds himself pulled abruptly through time by a mysterious stranger to be dropped in the middle of twenty first century Mercy, Theo realises the woman he has been sent there to help is the woman he has seen in his dreams all his life.

Together Olivia and Theo must stop a murderer and uncover her family’s oldest and darkest secret, to prevent a demon from rising…and time is running out.

Book 2: The Ferryman

Olivia has been left reeling from one shock after another. Betrayed by her family and still trying to piece together the broken strands of her life, she and Theo must also figure out how to stop Nathaniel, the demon from seventeenth century Salem, who has been let loose on the unsuspecting town of Mercy.

As if that’s not enough the town is suddenly overwhelmed by the spirits of the dead. When the vengeful spirit of a wronged man and the soul of a murdered girl spread chaos through the town, Olivia and Theo have to try and find a way to force all the spirits back to the other side and close the door to the otherworld.

The problem is the door was opened on purpose and if Olivia and Theo can’t figure out how and why it might just remain open permanently.

Book 3: Crossroads

The doorway to the Otherworld has been closed but at a terrible cost. Theo has been trapped on the other side while the Demon Nathaniel searches for one of the lost crossroads of the Underworld. With the help of the God Hades, who she doesn’t trust, Olivia crosses over and with nothing but a flashlight, a broken Demon collar, a Grimoire and a compass that doesn’t work she must risk everything to find him. As she searches she keeps catching glimpses of the real world. It’s only then Olivia realises when they closed the doorway something dark and ancient was left behind, trapped in Mercy. She watches helplessly from the other side as the residents of Mercy begin falling into mysterious comas and it becomes clear that whatever is stalking the streets of her town is stealing human souls.

Olivia is torn, faced with an impossible situation and the clock is ticking. Even if she manages to find Theo she knows she must make a choice, stop the soul collector or go after Nathaniel, knowing that if he reaches the crossroad before her, she will have to make a deal with the Keeper of the crossroad and the price may be her own soul.



Have a great Christmas. Thanks for your support during 2016



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