1 Year Anniversary!

Can you believe it? It’s one year since Mercy, the first book in the Guardians series, was released. And what a busy year it’s been, not only were books two and three released during that time, but just five days ago Witchfinder, book four, was also released.

And, I’m not letting up either. Infernum, the fifth and final book in the first Guardians series will be out February/March next year, together with a companion book with all the information, inspiration and research that has made the Guardians world so real.

But back to the anniversary – every good celebration needs a gift so here’s mine to you.

guardians1-3-3dv2For today only I’m giving away the Guardians box set for a crazy $0.99. That’s three books and over 385,000 words for the tiny price of $0.99! Click below to find out more…

Find Out More Button

So tell your friends, get them to join the party, introduce them to the Guardians series and keep watching – I’ve also got a contest coming up where you can win signed paperback books from the whole series. More information on that next week.

Thanks again for being such an important part of my writing career. What will the next 12 months bring?

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Wendy Saunders - Author

I am a romantic suspense author based in Hampshire in the UK

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